Fast diets

  • Marilu Henner diet
  • Marilu Henner (Real name – Mary Lucy Denise Henner) was born and raised in Chicago. Her mother, Loretta Henner, has been president of the “National Association of Dance” and ruled “Henner Dance School”, which was…read more

  • Proladox diet plan
  • Proladox diet plan is the superplan with which you can bring the body in perfect shape in just 21 days. Everyone knows that even after reading a dozen books on losing weight, it is quite…read more

  • Norex diet pills by IFA
  • Norex diet pills are drugs-anorexiants that reduce appetite. Effect of drugs is associated with inhibition of the so-called satiety center (hunger), which is located in the brain and controls the feeling of hunger. Its action…read more

  • Epiploic appendagitis diet
  • Epiploic appendagitis is a disease of the epiploic appendices, accompanied by their swelling or inflammation. In acute epiploic appendagitis, the first few days is necessary to observe a special epiploic appendagitis diet. You must try…read more

  • GOMBS diet: Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Beans and Seeds
  • GOMBS diet includes the most healthful foods, their value to the body, features of eating, quality characteristics. GOMBS is an abbreviation that contains Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Beans and Seeds (Nuts). Its name coined for…read more

  • Fat loss diet
  • If you do not have excess weight, you’re lucky. Millions of earthlings, unfortunately, are not. Nowadays obesity is a worldwide problem. It is created a lot of different techniques to get rid of extra pounds:…read more

  • How to lose weight fast with diabetes
  • Diabetes is disease that is known to many as being closely related to the concept of excess weight. Precisely because of this it may seem that it is impossible to lose weight with diabetes. However,…read more

  • Detox diet
  • By following detox diet, you should first think about the purification of organism for better health, and the secondary objective should be the loss of weighing Please note a small instruction of detox diet, that…read more

  • Mediterranean diet
  • Mediterranean diet despite its title is not really a diet, but the type of food, that typical for the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region Mediterranean type of food has attracted attention of doctors and nutritionists…read more

  • Losing weight with Mediterranean diet
  • The Mediterranean diet has a unique reputation. It is the only power supply system, which in 2010 recognized by UNESCO as a national cultural heritage. Its custodians are the largest countries of the Mediterranean region,…read more

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