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By following detox diet, you should first think about the purification of organism for better health, and the secondary objective should be the loss of weighing
Please note a small instruction of detox diet, that your cleansing diet has given maximum results.

Detox diets and detox programs. Preparing for the detox diet.

Detox diet usually lasts from 3 to 5 days, but the period may be slightly increased. It depends on your endurance and health. However, detox diet must not exceed 10 days! This period is considered to be the maximum for a healthy detox diet. Body cleanse itself of toxins, blood flow will be updated. But before you start to observe detox diet, it is important to pass the preparation phase, which takes at least three to four weeks.

detox diet

A month before the detox program, you must exclude from a ration high calorie dishes. During the preparatory phase, slowly reduce the amount of fatty, fried, salty foods in the diet. 10 days before the beginning of the detox diet, go to the food of vegetable origin. Make your diet from porridge, buckwheat, vegetables, unsweetened fruit and greens. And once a week you can eat a dish of lean fish, poultry or light goat cheese. To get used to the regime, you must begin to eat often, in small portions, and do not eat after 8pm. At the preparatory period should not be in the diet of alcohol, sweet, pastry.

Recommended products during detox diet: broccoli, apples, beets, asparagus, pomegranates, prunes, grapes, seaweed. So you can include them in the diet is already in preparation.


Recommendations to the detox diet

  • Each morning begins with 250 ml of of room temperature water with the addition of lemon juice on an empty stomach.
  • At the time of detox diet should be removed from your diet: sweet and carbohydrate foods, fatty and spicy food, as well as coffee and alcohol. You can drink only water and green tea.
  • Exclude the salt and seasoning during observance of detox diet, if it lasts 10 days. Give up on them at least for 3 days. On other days, reduce their quantity to a minimum. If you have low blood pressure, you required sea salt in small quantities, and therefore this rule can be ignored.
  • Nutritionists do not recommend the use of detox diet of one product (rice diet; kefir diet; salad diet). These diets are unbalanced and may be harmful to health. The risk in fact is not too large (if we’re talking about 1-3 days and no more). And yet it exists. Better when ration of detox diet is various and includes vegetables, fruits, herbs, asparagus, sea kale, wheat germ.
  • If detox diet lasts more than 7 days, then once a week is allowed to include one of protein dishes in your diet: fish, poultry, goat cheese.
  • detox diet asparagus

  • You should eat fruits for 20 minutes before the main meal, to avoid creating process of fermentation in the stomach.
  • Is it is necessary to eat small portions at intervals of 3 hours. Dishes cook for a couple, boil or eat raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts.
  • You need to drink at least five pints of water. Portion of warm water or a cup of green tea you should drink for half an hour before meals and after half an hour after eating. Before lunch, try to drink 3 pints of water. Next 3 pints of water, try to drink up to 7 pm. If you are thirsty in the evening, you can drink no more than one cup of water for 3 hours before bedtime.
  • The last meal is allowed to eat no later than 8 pm.
  • Detox diet is not complete without a mixture of fresh fruit and vegetables that are easy to prepare with the blender. In fact, these cocktails and puree is a purely cellular tissue (which speeds up the metabolism) and a set of precious vitamins which needed by the body during detoxification.
  • garnet

  • Сreate an atmosphere of peace and tranquility during food intakes. Will not hurry, chew well every biteю
  • Detox diet better to carry out in a work-free days. Because you need a rest, prolonged sleep, and lack of nerve stimuli.
  • Better to start a detox diet in the first phase of a woman’s cycle. 3rd or 5th day are perfect. Since the second phase, there are processes of formation of fatty deposits and fluid retention. In these days the effect of the detox diet will be weak
  • Engage in light exercise of yoga or stretching. A visit sauna during training and during the detox diet will speed up the removal of toxins from the body and losing weight . You can undergo a course massage at this time. For a period of detox diet is better to refuse from serious and tiring fitness workouts.

Exit from detox diet should be smooth and gradual, as the entrance into it. Therefore, after the expiration of the diet, you can slowly add low-fat protein foods in the diet, a small amount of salt and spices in dishes. Then increase the amount of carbohydrate foods and return smoothly to the usual diet.

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