Epiploic appendagitis diet

Epiploic appendagitis is a disease of the epiploic appendices, accompanied by their swelling or inflammation.

In acute epiploic appendagitis, the first few days is necessary to observe a special epiploic appendagitis diet.

You must try to only eat liquid food. You need to drink as much as possible, because after every meal comes the vomiting and nausea, causing the body loses a lot of fluid.

Teas without added sugar or mineral water are suitable for this. After several days, you may include in the menu carbohydrates, fats, salt in the minimum amount of proteins.

You can prepare meals on vegetable broth, low-fat meat and fish broths, they add a little rice or semolina.

During epiploic appendagitis diet you need to drink plenty of fluids, especially water

It is considered to be healthy and nutritious foods such as wheat crackers, low-fat cottage cheese, pureed buckwheat, rice or oatmeal, frayed apples, cakes, steamed out of the lean meat.

It is also recommended to cook jelly, green tea, strong black coffee, teas made from dried blueberry, black currant. Epiploic appendagitis diet has some limitations in the products. If you want the that treatment was effective and has led to the rapid recovery of the patient is necessary to abandon the dishes prepared from fatty meats and fish.

Preferably vegetable broth or broth on chicken meat. The liquid soups can include carrots, squash, beets, rice, a little potato. Very well, if there are fresh dill and parsley, they promote digestion. Gradually, when the body starts correctly and without consequences to deal with the food, you can extend the diet at the expense of cereals, fruits, vegetables, boiled meat, dairy products.

Zucchini and low fat cottage cheese for lunch with epiploic appendagitis

The list of negative “consequences” include vomiting, constipation, pain in the gut. Do not forget about the large amount of liquid, it is better pure water, which you should drink daily – 1,5-2 liters.

If the patient suffers constipation, then you need to enrich your food fiber. The best option – oatmeal, boiled on water or low-fat milk. Light vegetables are also suitable. Among cereals, it is important to eat buckwheat and rice. Potatoes can be eaten in small quantities because of the high content of starch. With fruits rich in sugars is necessary to act in the above manner. Also raspberry is very useful.

At the time of treatment is required not eat canned food, smoked meat, dairy products, flour, bread, pasta, legumes. At an epiploic appendagitis can not drink cold drinks, as any carbonated liquid, coffee and cocoa. This diet is strictly prohibited the use of any alcoholic beverages. It is also necessary to completely eliminate from the diet of the Italian sausage.

Epiploic appendagitis food

Lovers of sweets will have to completely give up the cakes, pastries, chocolate and various sweets. If the disease is accompanied by constipation, then for the patient will be useful to eat low-fat varieties of meat, vegetable soup, stale wholemeal bread, dairy products, fresh vegetables, cereals. The daily diet can include jam, honey, fruits, berries, dried fruit, herbal teas made from rose hips, juices from fruits and vegetables.

The most important rule for banned products – a ban on salt, spices and spicy dishes. You can not use products that irritate the stomach and intestines. This pepper, tomatoes, legumes (beans, peas), smoked fish and meats, sausages, semi-finished products, pastries, ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise.

Porridge helps to eliminate the inflammation process

To products, which occupy a middle position between the permitted and prohibited, includes dried fruits, honey, milk and milk products (can be fat free or low fat). The main thing is to follow the recommendations of your doctor and do not rush to go back to the old diet. The body has to relax, gain strength and restored.

In order not to aggravate the situation and to prevent prolonged constipation is required to abandon goods from the higher grades of flour, fat meat, onions and garlic, beans, radishes, radish.

Doctors do not recommend eating pasta, meats and canned food, strong tea, semolina, rice, chocolate, jelly, mustard, horseradish, pepper. Despite some limitations in the diet, it can be cooked very tasty and delicious dishes from the allowed foods . Thus it is possible to spend fasting days, and get fit.

Honey is very useful for diseases epiploic appendagitis

Diet for epiploic appendagitis is very important. Moreover, a patient who wants to get rid of the problem should follow a diet with all the responsibility, because it affects his rapid recovery.

What kind of dishes you can cook?

The diet for epiploic appendagitis can include the following dishes and products:

  • meat, fish in baked, boiled or steamed form.
  • vegetable, fish soup, meat broth.
  • egg (only if diarrhea, no more than 1 per day)
  • grated carrots, beets, cauliflower, zucchini, pumpkin stewed or boiled.
  • porridges
  • fruits, berries, prunes
  • compote, pudding, jelly
  • fermented milk products
  • honey
  • baking with the addition of dried apricots, fruit, crackers, stale white bread.
  • small amounts of oil and butter

Menu of epiploic appendagitis diet

Vegetable soup epiploic appendagitis diet

Day 1

Breakfast – protein scrambled eggs, casserole from cottage cheese , fruit compote (snack – baked apples)
Lunch – soup with chicken broth, a goulash, boiled beets, tea (snack – prunes)
Dinner – cottage cheese and buckwheat casserole, tea (kefir before bedtime)

Day 2

Breakfast – buckwheat, stewed eggplant, tea (snack – fresh vegetable)
Lunch – soup with vegetable broth, steamed vegetables with meat, tea (snack – prunes)
Dinner – buckwheat, carrot cakes, fruit compote (yogurt before bedtime)

Day 3

Epiploic appendagitis buckwheat and greensalad

Breakfast – oatmeal, salad, milk tea (snack – dried apricots)
Lunch – soup with meatballs, steamed zucchini, fruit jelly (snack – grated carrots)
Dinner – fish cakes, carrot casserole, tea with lemon (kefir before bedtime)

Day 4

Breakfast – vegetable salad, boiled fish, tea (snack – grapes)
Lunch – vegetable soup with pearl barley, steamed vegetables, meatloaf, pudding (snack – fresh apple)
Dinner – a goulash of veal, caviar from vegetable marrows, tea (kefir before bedtime)

Day 5

Breakfast – buckwheat, a goulash, tea, milk, juice (snack – tomatoes)
Lunch – soup with cauliflower, braised chicken with vegetables, tea
Dinner – meatballs, eggplant caviar, tea (kefir before bedtime)

Now that you know more about epiploic appendagitis diet. For more details you can consult with the attending doctor.