Fast diets

Quick diets for weight loss

Sometimes, you need to lose weight for the maximum number of pounds in a very short time.

There are special diets for quick weight loss. The duration of such diets is not more than 10 days, and they strictly limit the number of daily calories.

The use of fast diets over the long term is dangerous for your body and can lead to various disorders in health.

Additionally you should be appreciated that the speed of your diet will depend on the initial weight.

The more you have extra pounds, the more you can lose in a short time.

You can lose 15 pounds in seven days, on the condition that your excess weight is 15 pounds. If you have just only 15 pounds overweight, then, no matter how you try, you not get rid of them in a short time. In addition, you need to properly calculate your optimal weight, based on the constitution, age and height-weight indexes.

Also it is impossible lose weight faster than it allows human physiology. Even at full starvation the person rarely lose weight more than 2-4 pounds per day. Such a rate of weight loss is most noted in the first days of fasting due to the removal excess water from the body. In the future, the person rarely lose more than 2 pounds per day and in the later stages of starvation the body begins very economical use their reserves and the weight drops by only 0.5 – 1 pound per day.

Therefore, no matter how you try, you can not lose 30 pounds in a week without surgery.

Rules of using fast diets :

  • You can not use fast diet more than 7 to 10 days, the optimal period is 5-7 days;
  • You can not use fast diet more often than once a month;
  • After using the fast diet recommended a slow transition to a normal diet. This will allow you to save a longer period results achieved;
  • When using fast diets sure to use a multivitamin with trace elements;
  • Drink plenty of water during such diets;
  • Combine fast diet with exercise, massage, hydrotherapy, but do not overload;
  • When exiting the quick diets and gradually increase the calorie amount of food, it will allow for a long time to maintain the desired weight;
  • The return to a regular diet after fast diets often leads to weight gain.

Therefore it will be good if after using fast diets, you will develop your own power system, which will adhere to all life.

Fast diets or express diets – weight loss diets that can help you lose weight in the shortest period of time, namely, to lose weight in a month, a week or two or three days. For many women, the phrase “fast diet” or “express diet” works magically.

Almost every woman wants to quickly lose weight in a very short period of time and not resorting to the grueling physical exercise, without abandoning beloved food, especially women want to lose weight quickly, if the expected very soon a special occasion – a wedding, a party or a trip to the sea.

Especially for you, we’ve created this section where, in the opinion of experienced dieticians, described the most effective diets, which includes a list of the world diets, therapeutic diets, low calorie diets, mono-diet, diet of stars as well as some low-carb diets.

Remember, rapid weight loss occurs mainly due to the loss of water and muscle mass of the body, fat stores will be burned up in the last turn, therefore quick diets are fast in every sense of the word. After a quick diet, pay special attention to a balanced and moderate eating, otherwise lost weight will not give you a long time to enjoy a slim figure. Regular exercise will be a big plus of retaining the required weight.

Below are the main ways to lose weight fast