How to lose weight fast with diabetes

Water helps to lose weight

Diabetes is disease that is known to many as being closely related to the concept of excess weight. Precisely because of this it may seem that it is impossible to lose weight with diabetes. However, nutritionists say that it’s not true.

Of course, losing weight with diabetes is much more complicated than without it, because the whole point is in a hormone called insulin. In its normal level in human body, it lowers blood glucose level, thereby helping it to flow into the cell. Unfortunately, it is diabetes that violates the whole process, and at the initial stages of the disease there are high levels of both elements (glucose and insulin), the medical term for this phenomenon – insulin resistance, thus reduces the activity of the elements that are engaged in splitting fats – that, in particular, leads to fat deposition.

Weight loss with diabetes of the second type is important, because it is a natural way to restore sensitivity of cells to insulin, and reduce of high blood glucose levels. As a result – the disease begins to weaken and retreat. Physicians with much practice are talking a lot about patients with overweight associated with diabetes, and so under intense diet – 70% of patients return to normal blood glucose level.

Conclusion: The weight loss with diabetes may contribute to the improvement, but has certain aspects.

Decided to lose weight with diabetes? Do not forget that …

Chromium and zinc vitamins

Self-treatment, and this what a diet for diabetes is, is dangerous! You can not engage in it without your physician’s monitoring. Indeed, many are unaware that conventional diets, and especially hunger strike – are strictly prohibited for diabetics because they have worse working immune system. If during dieting blood sugar level will fall, in the presence of high insulin – it may lead to fatal consequences, even coma.
As mentioned earlier, do not forget about the fact – during the diet, the patient’s condition will improve, and if the latter takes some drugs, with a high probability, physician may have to adjust their dosage.

The weight loss for “a few months” may not work. As we have already learned – insulin leads to the deposition of fat, though not in 100% of cases. In the practice of dietitians there were many patients with type II diabetes who lost weight on average of 10 pounds per month – only by adipose tissue, and in fact for healthy people, this number is a great result.

You have to sweat for it. Simple diet does not imply a mandatory exercise, but not in the case of diabetics. After all, blood glucose and insulin levels normalize due to the constant fitness.

Because of lack of time, or just out of laziness the majority of people engage in fitness few times a week, but in emergency mode. In case of weight loss with diabetes it’s recommended to exercise as often as possible in lite mode. Trivially increase in 1.5-2 times the number of miles walked per day; often walk with your pet, get off the bus a couple of stops beforehand to walk the rest of the way on foot, and vice versa, take the bus at the farer bus stop, walk to the farer grocery store, etc.

Diabetic diet

Most dieters track only the amount of daily calories, but people with type 2 diabetes also need to monitor carbohydrates carefully.

Of course, one should not exclude them completely from the diet, but shouldn’t overuse them also, if you decided to lose weight. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to learn how certain food affects blood sugar levels, and special tables with glycemic index foods will help you with it. Try to limit yourself in a partial meal after a full meal, because it once again will raise your insulin levels and accelerate the process of fat deposition.
Confirm carbohydrate intake and its dosage with your doctor \ nutritionist.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is normal.
Increased thirst is absolutely normal, especially for weight loss in diabetes, try not to deny your body when it needs it, because it’s water that contributes to many metabolic processes and eliminate toxins from the body, which are present in accumulated adipose tissue in big number. At the same time, try to consume water in its purest form, without gas.

Take chromium and zinc!
These vitamins are your best allies in diabetes, because chromium enhances the sensitivity of cells to insulin, and in addition it also helps to reduce sugar, and zinc restores the strength of your immune system, which in consequence of diabetes is often reduced, and also promotes the development of insulin.

The main thing – don’t give up!
Remember – the motivation and commitment are most important.

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