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Norex diet pills are drugs-anorexiants that reduce appetite. Effect of drugs is associated with inhibition of the so-called satiety center (hunger), which is located in the brain and controls the feeling of hunger.

Its action is based on the release of norepinephrine, thereby, suppressing appetite. Norex is similar in its effect to amphetamine.

In medical practice, norex diet pills are used when disease proceeds with obesity on the background of a low-calorie diet. The pills are sold by IFA Pharmaceuticals in Mexico.

An active ingredient of pills is “Anfepromona” (amfepramonum, abulemin, diethylpropion, natorexic, regenon, tenuate, phepranonum, “Apesate”, “Tenuate Dospan”, “Neobes”).

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Anfepromona is white or white to slightly pinkish sheen crystalline powder with bitter taste. The easily soluble in water and alcohol. Compared to phenamine, amfepramone has little stimulating effect on the central nervous system and has little effect on peripheral adrenergic structure, i.e. it has a somewhat more selective anorexigenic action, inferior in the ability to reduce appetite to phenamine.

Appointed if obesity of alimentary origin. Is included in the combined therapy – adiposogenital syndrome, hypothyroidism.

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Amfepramone may also be used in adiposogenital dystrophy (in conjunction with hormonal therapy), hypothyroidism (in combination with Thyreoidinum) and other forms of obesity.

The time of occurrence pharmacodynamic effect – 45 minutes. Duration – 8 hours.

Side effects:

Tachycardia, weakness, headache, insomnia, increased blood pressure, irritability, worsening of mood, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, rash, itching, swelling of the eyelids, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, myalgia, dysuria, polyuria.

With prolonged use occur: alopecia, reduced potency, addiction.

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Acceptance of the IFA Norex pills is often accompanied by side effects of psychogenic nature (increased irritability, anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, etc.).

With prolonged use of Norex pills may develop addiction and drug dependence. Amateurish use of pills for losing weight and “correction of shape” is one of the most common causes of variety, including dangerous, pathological conditions and diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, female reproductive organs.

Such preparations do not alter metabolism and do not influence the body weight of the patients. Their effect is to reduce the daily ration by reducing appetite. The active ingredients of pills act directly on the brain, inhibiting the so-called satiety center that controls hunger.

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In fact, while taking the IFA Norex pills, the amount of food consumed is reduced by about one third. The course of treatment is usually long.

During this time formed a correct diet, a person gets used to a small amount of food. Therefore, even after the drug for a long time is saved effect (up to five years).

Anorexiants in this group did not apply to food additives. This potent drugs that can be assigned by doctor in exceptional cases. You must also take into account the large number of possible side effects and contraindications.

Amateurish use of anorexiants for the purpose of correction of weight is one of the common causes of a variety, including dangerous, pathological conditions and diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, and reproductive system.

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Norex diet pills have a stimulating effect, it stimulates the satiety center and inhibits hunger center. It stimulates the cerebral cortex of the brain, virtually do not have peripheral adrenostimulant effect. In obesity contributes to weight loss. In some countries, Norex is considered a narcotic drug and its sale is limited.

According to the information of World Gastroenterology Organization:

  • Amfepramone has a minimal effect.
  • Randomised trials have shown that with the use of amfepramone increases patient weight loss of 3-4% compared to placebo.
  • Adrenergic stimulants increase norepinephrine release in certain areas of the brain, which leads to a decrease in food consumption.
  • There are only limited data on the efficacy and safety of amfepramone.
  • You need to carefully monitor the blood pressure in patients with a tendency to its increase or receiving antihypertensive therapy.
  • There is a potential (although low) risk of depending on amfepramone.
  • Norex pills approved only for short-term use.

Indications for use of norex diet pills

Treatment with diet pills may not exceed 10 weeks

Norex pills used in the treatment of obesity and maintenance of body weight only in the complex therapy, involving lifestyle changes, including dietary restrictions and / or physical activity. Duration of therapy should not be time-consuming and limited to a few weeks. Indicated for patients with the following body mass index (BMI = body weight in kg / (height in m) 2):

  • for patients without concomitant diseases – a BMI of at least 30 kg / m2
  • for patients with risk factors – a BMI of at least 27 kg / m2


Pills taken orally 25 mg 2-3 times a day for 30-60 minutes before meals in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet. If the effect is insufficient – 100 mg per day. The course of treatment – 6-10 weeks, a second course – 3 months. Children older than 12 years: half the adult dose.

Norex diet pills side effects

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The main side effects: dry mouth, constipation, insomnia, dizziness, mild increase in pressure, tachycardia.

Diet pills during pregnancy, breast-feeding and children
Risk category of the FDA for the fetus when used IFA diet pills with amfepramone – «B». Amfepramone is transmitted with milk, so it is not recommended for nursing mothers. Not recommended for children under 16 years.

In the US, amfepramone is prescription medication. Its turnover is regulated Controlled Substances Act, a list of CIV, schedule IV in the United States, unauthorized sale or transfer to third parties is prohibited by federal US law. Brands and generics of amfepramone that accepted for use in the US: Tepanil, Diethylpropion hydrochloride and others.

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