Best way to lose weight

Ways of losing weight

Use honey instead of sugar for weight loss

The most effective way to lose weight fast in a week. Tens of thousands of women are looking for the best way to lose weight. Given the fact that thin women in fashion for a long time, the demand for new diets and dietary supplements does not fall, and every day increases. Let us think, what a way to lose weight will help in any given situation.

About diets

This is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about losing weight. Many people have the belief that when you start keep to a diet, the weight will rapidly decline. But as shown by a large practice, a small amount of pounds, for which we become thinner for 3-4 days, again are deposited after returning to the old food. All the matter is that this short-term weight loss is due to fluid loss, which then quickly refilled. Besides, man will not achieve the effect in losing weight if it does not correct errors in its nutrition.

Rice porridge for weight loss

A simple example – woman eats three buns a day. Because of this, during the year she gained 15 pounds overweight. During the week she eliminated of diet this product. As a result, she lost 4 pounds. A week later she again began to eat biscuits, and after 10 days gained weight at 6 pounds. Such way to lose weight in a week is not bad, but it is not durable, if not eliminate or reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed fast. The so-called fast carbs are: bakery, sweets, which quickly cause an increase the amount of sugar in our blood, but it also falls rapidly. It is impossible to get rid of hunger with fast carbohydrates.

The best way to lose weight is the exclusion from food easily digestible carbohydrates and increase the amount slowly digestible. Slowly digested carbohydrates found in vegetables, various cereals (wheat, oats, buckwheat, etc.). Slowly digested carbohydrates it is small loafs which successfully replace bread. But, do not get too carried away by small loafs. Caloric content written on each small loaf. Count it in the formation of your diet.

Oatmeal diet

Sugar in its pure form is also exclude from your diet. We mean sugar in coffee, tea and other beverages, as well as in cereals. Caloric content of sugar is large, and benefit from sugar is little. Not to mention the fact that sugar is contained in almost all foods in small quantities. Do not use sugar substitutes, in large quantities, they can cause cancer. You can add small amounts of honey instead of sugar (note that you can not add honey in the hot food and drink, at a high temperature honey turns into a carcinogen).

The same can be said about salt. It leads to fluid retention in the body. And in renal disease when renal function is somewhat disrupted, salty foods, salted tomatoes and cucumbers leads to edema. The body needs salt, but does not necessarily oversalt dishes. The salt contained in conventional products, such as cheese. You can read the information on the product packaging for the interest. And another interesting point – salty dishes provoke increased appetite, respectively – overeating.

Fermented baked for weight loss

Animal fats – another cause of excess weight. Certainly, there are dishes with the addition of butter in your diet. But it contains a lot of calories. Other dangerous products for the figure – melted butter, margarine, lard, fatty meats. Regarding the meat. Meat should be in the diet of slimming human in any case. Nature programmed man that he should receive proteins, otherwise there is no normal healthy life. Let the sources of this protein will be low-fat fish, seafood, chicken, chicken or quail eggs in limited quantities.

Nutrition and diet pills

Now let’s talk about the power mode. There is a common belief that you can not eat after 6 pm. Some “nutritionists” assert that the most reliable not to eat after 3:00 pm. It’s the wrong tactic. First, it is hard not to eat this amount of time, and secondly, during starvation fat deposits (in this case you are starving half day) burned very slowly without exercise. Extremely difficult to engage in physical activity when you want to eat. Body prevents physical stress, occurs lack of energy, fatigue. You do not want to exercise even if there is a very good motivation to lose weight. You do not want to work, do not want to move. Such a way the body reduces calories.

Vegetable salad for weight loss

Drinking water helps to lose weight

You need to eat 5 times a day. This is the best way to lose weight according to the famous nutritionists and physicians. About the same principles of nutrition tell TV presenters in the program “Health”. Portions should be small, no more than 1 pound at a time. But believe me, that is enough. As for your last meal of the day. It can also be at 8 pm. The important thing is how much and what you eat. So, in the evening you should not eat fruit and fruit puree. Best to eat low-calorie yogurt, drink a glass of kefir or fermented baked, eat vegetable salad with a small amount of vegetable or olive oil. Drinking water helps to cope well with hunger, you can drink it with several drops of lemon juice if you suffer from gastritis.

Bran help to lose weight

As for dietary supplements which are advertised in the media, most of them are useless and even dangerous. The only thing that is useful to be added to food, it’s bran. They are rich in fiber. After ingestion they swell and create an artificial feeling of satiety, and we forget about the hunger for a while. There are also special pills that prevent the absorption of fat. But they must be prescribed by a doctor after a comprehensive survey, since these drugs have many side effects. But even if you will take the pills, you can not to lose weight without dieting. Expect it. Endocrinologists help with problems of excess weight primarily. But dietary recommendations you can get from a nutritionist.

This is the main thing that you need to know about nutrition and medication.


Exercise for weight loss

Someone convinced that the most effective way to lose weight is enhanced regular workout in the fitness center or gym. Sure, exercise helps burn fat, but only in conjunction with proper nutrition, light diet.

Trying to lose weight by doing exercises for some part of the body, while not limiting itself in food – a futile exercise. For example, you can not lose weight much in the legs, only engaged in the gym. Fat can be and will be burned slightly, but the muscles will grow rapidly. Muscle replace fat, but it will look visually not much better than it was. But to return to the previous state muscle without compromising the figure will be much harder. In support of this, you can read numerous women’s forums where women complain that because of sports, cycling, exercising at the gym they have increased muscles, thereby spoiling the proportions of the body, wiping out feminine figure.

Physical activity should be comprehensive, regular, not to exhaustion. Let their intensity increases gradually. And workout will get you to the fun, become your lifestyle.

Surgical treatment


For people with a large excess weight is the easiest way to lose weight – a surgical procedure: decrease in volume of the stomach, due to which man just physically unable to overeat, and lose weight easily and quickly. The operation is not simple and it is not too popular, but very effective.

For those who are sufficiently to remove fat from problem zones is carried out plastic surgery – liposuction. Through small incisions made with a scalpel, the doctor inserts under the skin tools in adipose tissue and sucks fat by them. So immediately after surgery a person looks considerably slimmer. The downside of this method of losing weight is that the surgery is performed under general anesthesia – and this is a risk factor for life. And after the surgery, you still can not do without a strict diet and wearing a special corset for some time. Many women are frustrated and again get fat

These are the best ways to lose weight.