Harmful Food Additives That Cause Cancer

Immediately throw these products out of the house and to stop buying them! Once and for all!

These dangerous food additives cause cancer. What kind of supplements, and in what products are found, we will tell in this article. Save yourself and tell your loved ones!

Table of harmful food additives with decoding

Caution: Cause Cancer!

Food additive code, name

Where supplement is allowed or not allowed

E 103, Alcanet, alkanine

The additive is prohibited to use in the food industry in 2008. Previously met in cheap wines, various sweets, cosmetics

The additive is prohibited to use in the food industry in 2008. Previously met in cheap wines, various sweets, cosmetics

Food Additives Definition

E 123, Amaranth

Synthetic dye, previously related to food. Currently banned in Russia. May be found in pastries, sweets, ice cream. The dye is allowed in the European Union, Australia and New Zealand

E 124, Ponso 4R

Food dye (red, crimson). Ponso 4R dye is popular with manufacturers of confectionery (cakes, pastries), beverages, ice cream and other dairy desserts, meat, fish and fruit canned goods. It can be found in other foods, such as vitamins.

E 134, Fast green

Banned in the food industry. In food production of this type, the dye was used (or used) to give green color to canned peas, cucumbers, spinach, and other green products.

E 210, 212, Benzoic acid

Used in the preparation of desserts, drinks, fish products

E 213, Calcium benzoate

Banned in the Russian Federation. This preservative is added to non-alcoholic malt beverages, vegetable and fruit juices, sauces, mashed potatoes, ice cream, fish and chewing gum.

E 214, 216, Ethylparaben, propylparaben

Food Additives And Cancer

Used in the preparation of liquid broths, meat and fish products, pies, breakfast cereals, confectionery, dairy desserts.

E 217, Sodium salt of propyl paraben

Currently, the additive is banned almost worldwide. Previously, it could be found in pate, chips, chocolate

E 230, Biphenyl, diphenyl

It is found in ice cream, margarine, confectionery

E 231, Orthophenylphenol

It is used as a food additive and for processing citrus fruits.

E 249, 250, Potassium nitrite, sodium nitrite

Dye and preservative. Used in meat and fish industry

E 281 – 283, Sodium propionate, calcium propionate

Acidity regulator, preservative. The additive is used in the production of bakery and dairy products, muffins, cookies and other flour products. Food supplement E283 is found in the cosmetics industry

E 321, Butylhydroxytoluene

Antioxidant. Used in the production of cooking fat, crackers, bread, chewing gum, dietary supplements, bouillon cubes, beer, canned meat and fish, processed cheese

E 429, Peptones
Dangerous additive.
E 951, Aspartame

Chemical sweetener (very common and popular). As a sweetener in various beverages, chewing gums, lozenges

E 954, Saccharin

Sweetener, used in the manufacture of confectionery, sweet carbonated drinks

E 967, Xylitol

Used instead of sugar in most diet drinks and confectionery.

Please note that many (but NOT all) supplements from this list are officially banned in USA, but we still recommend that you remain attentive. After all, the number of trans fats on the shelves was also called upon to minimize (and also legally) only harmful pastes, cookies and sweets do not become less.

Many of these additives can still be found in the composition of convenience foods and ready meals, sausages, pastry and bakery products, fish products, desserts, breakfast cereals.

Therefore, we write “where it meets” or “may occur” so that you can protect yourself completely. Carefully read the composition. Found harmful food additives in products – in any case, do not buy, even on stock 3 for the price of 1.

All about food supplements are harmless and dangerous, read this article.