How to get rid of side fat?

How to get rid of side fat

How to get rid of side fat? — Six professional tips

Tip # 1. How to get rid of side fat with exercise.

You can get rid of unwanted side fat, using simple exercises. Do movements smoothly. Do as many exercises as you can. Do not overload the body. Start with 10 repetitions of each exercise, gradually increasing to 50 the number of movements. Do each exercise for 2-3 sets.

Let’s get started.

Diagonal tilts of the body
Starting position: hands on the belt, feet shoulder width apart. Making tilt 90 °, but lean towards the left leg. During exercise, pull your hands apart, straighten your back and shoulders. From this position, please tilt on a diagonal backward and right, sag and pinch the fat side. Then the hands are returned to waist. The same exercise do in the other direction: tilts to the right leg and back “pinching” the left side.

running track helps to get rid of side fat

Body movement.
Starting position is exactly the same. We rotate shoulders, and pull the body simultaneously. The lower part of the body remains immobile.

Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, hands clasped in a lock near the right hip. Squat necessary so that the knee bent at a right angle. Rectified and, carrying arms above your head, making half circle to the left hip.

Side twisting.
Lie on your back, hands behind your head, knees bent. Legs need to put the right or left of itself on the floor. move your knees to the other side, but do not release your back and shoulders from the floor.

Regular exercise will help you lose fat

Twisting vice versa.
Lie on your back, legs straightened. Raise both legs to the shoulders, first one, then another. Legs do not lower to the floor.

Exercise is known to all from childhood: lie on your back, hands behind head, legs bent at the knees. Legs simulate cycling, try to get your elbows opposite knee.

In the fight against fat side can help dumbbells. Due to the additional load you can effectively work through problem areas. Dumbbells should choose no more than 3-4 pounds because the task is to get rid of side fat and not pump up muscles.

  • 1 exercise with dumbbells: feet shoulder width apart, holding dumbbells. Do side bends, while raising the opposite arm over head. Take the starting position and do the same thing in the other direction.
  • 2 exercise with dumbbells: do side bends, hands with dumbbells down.

Watch the video with the exercises:


fitness room

Tip # 2. Effective program to quickly get rid from the fat side – “muffin”

Bodifleks includes breathing techniques and simple exercises that can help you achieve the desired results in the short term. The basis of this program is oxygen, it ensures a rapid fat burning.

In order to start fulfilling your dreams – to get rid of side fat, you need to breathe correctly: Stand up straight, turning your lips into a tube, exhale slowly while pulling belly; then quickly breathe through your nose and the maximum inflate belly; then uttering a sound “paaa” completely breathe out through the mouth and pull in the belly as much as possible. to pull the belly more, after exhaling do lean forward and push the belly to the spine; hold your breath for as long as you can.

At the moment of breath holding, you need to do simple exercises: forward bends – side bends – diagonally slopes, side twisting, squatting, movement of the upper part of the body and others.

exercise with a hula hoop

Bodyfleks allow you to achieve the desired result is 5 times faster than jogging. Suffice it to 15-20 minutes a day and the result will not wait.

Tip # 3. Hoop or a hula hoop recognized as the best tool in the fight with the side fat.

To solve this problem would be the best heavy hoop: impact of the hoop on the problem areas is like a good massage, and the heavier the hula hoop, the more impact it has on the side fat.

Start twist hoop 10 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time to an hour. If you have never used the hoop, the bruising may occur in locations subject to hula-hoopю To avoid such troubles – wear tight clothing (eg, warm robe) or tie belt or scarf.

exercises on Fitness disk

A good alternative instead of hoop is an fitness disc

Fitness disk helps get rid of side fat

It consists of two plates connected by ordinary screw and nut. Between the plates are ball bearings. Exercise fitness disk: stand on the disc and start to spin – legs and disk to one side, the upper part of the body to another. When you first try may tingle in your side, this is due to unusual loads on the muscles. Begin the exercise with little repetition.

Activities with an fitness disk or iron hoop can be combined with watching TV or talking on the phone.

Tip # 4. Additional procedures to get ride of side fat.

It happens that not enough time or you do not want to exercise and play sports, but get rid of the side fat is very desirable.

mud wraps for weight loss

In such cases, the aid comes electrolipolysis – way to get rid of body fat through current. This method is effective when the current procedure splits the fat, whereby the fat cells and fall out of the body.

To achieve the result you need undergo a course procedures. For fixing – use additional procedures that are typically offered in the same clinic. It can be: and mud wraps and anti-cellulite massage, and drainage massage and more. Good results can be achieved through an integrated approach to the problem.

Nice addition in the problem of getting rid of the side fat are self-massage the problem area (preferably do before exercise), water treatment, jogging and walking, use of anti-cellulite creams.

Dietary food and Fitness disk

Tip # 5. Proper nutrition is the assistant in getting rid of the side fat

It happens that the efforts do not lead to the desired result. Question: Why?

The answer lies in the diet. It has long been known to cause deposition of fat in the body is easily digestible carbohydrates. This means that from the diet should be excluded: buns, cakes and pastries. Why them? Because there is no benefit from them: not quench hunger and yet carbohydrates become side fat. But absolutely exclude carbohydrates from the menu is not necessary. You should eat “good” carbohydrates: cereals and vegetables.

For those who want to get rid of side fat and belly fat the main dish should be vegetable salad dressed with olive oil. Vitaminized dish with useful carbohydrates is what you need in the fight against fat.

Bread should not be excluded from the diet, but you need to eat brown bread instead of white bread. You should not eat bread with meat. Preferably eat lean meats: poultry, chicken and turkey. On the day should eat about half a pound of meat, dividing it into several steps.

If the plan is to not only get rid of the fat side, but also build muscle, then the carbohydrates should be eaten day by day. But here you cannot overdo it, because protein can disrupt the metabolism.

Apple Day

Tip # 6. The fasting days help to get rid of side fat

In the fight against obesity, many are resorting to fast diets, anyone will be able to choose the right diet menu for yourself. Besides diets need to do once per week fasting days. These are the days when the in menu is monotonous food.

  • apple day (to eat 3 pounds of apples for 5 meals)
  • kefir day (3 pints for 5 meals)
  • salad day (2-3 pounds of fruits and vegetables, with the addition of oil, without salt for 4-5 meals).

Whichever way you choose to get rid of side fat, the main thing is not to give up and continue to move toward your goal.