How to lose belly fat

How to lose belly fat? 5 Important Rules for a flat belly

There are several main causes of belly fat :

  • weakening and stretching of the abdominal muscles;
  • appearance of excessive fat;
  • irregularities in the intestines;
  • the formation of fat around the internal organs under muscle layer.

So, how to lose belly fat?

Without elimination of these reasons it is impossible to acquire a beautiful tight belly and get relief abdominals. Sometimes the manifestation and influence of these four negative factors manifested in unequal degree, seen the predominance of only one of the reasons that formed the problem with the figure.
For example, a person has a strong abdominal muscles, but he has accumulated excess fat, so the belly fat does not disappear. Or the opposite situation: the weak and stretched abdominal muscles in the absence of body fat will not be able to keep the shape. If the belly is too big, it is probably due to the influence on the shape of the four causes.

How to lose belly fat

To remove belly fat, you need to get rid of the reasons for which it was formed:

  • Get rid of internal and subcutaneous fat;
  • To lose weight;
  • Strengthen weak abdominal muscles;
  • Open the bowels, improve metabolism and work of bowel.

To solve these problems it is necessary to adopt an integrated approach. When you perform a variety of exercise you will not only strengthen your abs, but also expend energy, which leads to an effective fat burning.
When you increase the strength and endurance of abdominal muscles, you also improves blood circulation and normalize bowel function. When you pump your abdominals, intestine gets a gentle massage.

Exercises for the abdominals is bring enormous health benefits and improve the condition of the entire body.

To get a thin waist and abdominal muscles, which will be clearly visible, you should get rid of the fat that hides your beauty.

The basic rule, which will lead you to success is to solve two major problems:

  • – proper organization of a balanced diet;
  • – regular performance of the set of exercises to burn excess fat.

Proper nutrition

eat healthy foods to lose belly fat

No one, even the most effective set of exercise or intensive training will not help you if you eat wrong food or eat a lot immediately after training

To achieve good results, you need to adjust your diet. Fast and efficient solution to the problem depends on the power supply.

With a small belly is enough to exclude the use of fatty foods. Also make it a rule have supper kefir with fresh fruit.

If you have a lot of fat, you should fundamentally replace your dishes and food products for more useful. This does not mean that you need to starve. It is wise to simply adjust the daily menu and eat foods in moderation. Then you will notice results pretty quickly.

Remember, when you consume more food than usual,
your body accumulates fat and appear more extra pounds. To get rid of belly fat it is imperative to create an energy deficit.

Physical exercises

sport helps to lose belly fat

Physical exercises – the second component to achieve the result to lose belly fat. Exercises aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles help burn excess fat. But often it is not enough to reach beautiful forms.

For effective rapid impact on the waist and abdomen, you should train the muscles of the body. Fat burning is manifested not only in problem areas, but also throughout the body as a whole. For example, during squats is burned not only the fat on the legs, but also on the whole body. That is why exercise should be comprehensive and aimed at all muscle groups.

The more varied the exercises will be, the faster your lose belly fat. Sports program should have an impact on the whole body. Strong muscles spend energy is good, and it means that you quickly get rid of excess fat.

Exercise # 1 «V-UP»

belly fat workout

Starting position: You lie on a bench or on the floor with legs that bent at the knees. Hands raised up, neck and head are relaxed.

Lift the chest and chin up. At the same time you should feel the tension of the abdominal muscles. Tear off shoulders off the surface. Raise the legs and try to touch their hands. Return to starting position

Exercise # 2 “Get a toe”

Starting position: You lie on a bench or on the floor. Legs raised up, neck and head relaxed. Lift the chest and chin up. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Tear off shoulders off the surface, pull one arm and drag it to the opposite leg. Return to the starting position and repeat the same with the other hand.

When performing this exercise, do not forget to keep your back and head in a neutral relaxed position. Sharp voltage can cause injury. You can pick up a gym ball to increase resistance. To reduce resistance can keep your hands close to your body.

Exercise # 3 “Board”

Losing belly fat training

Starting position: lying on the floor.

Place forearm on the floor. Pull the body in a straight line from the feet to the forearm. Hold this position for a few seconds.

Exercise # 4 “Sophisticated jumps”

Starting position: standing.

Try to jump as high as possible. When you will land you need to touch the floor with your hands. Then, resting his hands on the floor, jump back. Stand upright in two seconds. Return to starting position quickly. Repeat the exercise several times (as you can take).

Exercise # 5 “Belly-bump”

Starting position: forearms and elbows on the floor, feet abut on your toes, the body slightly elevated.

Tighten your belly and try pull it on yourself. Lift the hips up and hold this position for a few seconds. Return to starting position. Repeat the exercise several times.

Exercise # 6 “Rise of legs”

Starting position: lying on your back, knees bent.

Raise your legs up, perpendicular to the floor, then slowly lower your feet when no longer be able to hold them. Repeat many times as possible.

During the execution make sure that waist was firmly against the floor and abdominal muscles were tense.

Look at a few sets of exercises:

As additional recommendations can mention a few tips:

  • Be sure to include yogurt in your daily menu in the absence of contraindications to the use. Drink a glass of this useful product in the evening, try to drink it as much as possible as a supplement to the morning and afternoon meals.
  • To stimulate the intestines, it is recommended to drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Drink cool, purified water in the morning and half an hour before sports training.
  • Take 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil or linseed oil on an empty stomach with tea, water or juice. The composition of vegetable oils includes a large number of useful fatty acids that contribute to the processing of fat reserves. Applying just a few drops of these oils in the day helps normalize bowel function and get rid of excess weight.

Include in your diet more plant-based foods, which are composed of fibers that stimulate and cleansing the bowels.

These dishes include:

weight loss lunch

  • pears;
  • oatmeal;
  • apples;
  • plums;
  • oranges;
  • onion, dill and other greens;
  • cucumbers;
  • tomatoes;
  • courgettes;
  • bell pepper;
  • cabbage;
  • carrots and many others.

All these products are low in calories, contain a wealth of minerals, vitamins and various minerals. You can start the day with oatmeal and apple for breakfast. In the afternoon cook dinner salad with vegetables and herbs, and in the evening to include dinner in a pear tree.

You need to follow three rules, which include proper nutrition, daily exercise and improving bowel function and you will quickly be able to achieve excellent results. Belly disappear without a trace, your body will become beautiful and healthy.

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