How to lose body fat

Abdominal exercises for losing body fat

So often seeming unachievable flat belly actually available each representative of the fairer sex, but not lazy woman! Many women are justify themselves by the fact that they have too much fat, or that they have tried many diets, but without result, and they cannot lose weight at all. But this is nothing more than excuses. In fact, lose body fat at home is not a problem.

The easiest way is accept with your weight, to come up with an excuse, or say that you feel comfortable in your thick body. Why deceive someone and yourself? Unlikely modern woman refuse to have a slim figure.

You can make from yourself a candy, not writing off your overeating for genetic predisposition and poor metabolism. Today there are many methods to lose body fat at home, that successfully were used by women. The main thing, really do want to become beautiful. Consider one of these methods.

Stomach in terms of anatomy

Exercises for losing body fat

How to lose body fat? Body fats in the abdominal area are divided into two types:

The first type of body fat is a visual. This is the body fat that hangs down over tightly buttoned pants, or which you can easily grab by hand. In anatomy for him is the scientific name: subcutaneous fat. The second type of body fat is invisible. He hidden in the body and is called the visceral form. Visceral fat covers internal organs, disrupting their work. This gives rise to health problems such as high cholesterol, heart diseases etc.

Amount of visceral fat and the intensity of their accumulation depends on many factors:

  • age;
  • hereditary predisposition to obesity;
  • state of hormonal levels.

For women visceral fat accumulation threatens in the postpartum period or after middle age.

Abdominal exercises for losing body fat

How to Get Started

The most effective method to lose body fat is exercise. Sports allows you to quickly burn fat cells, and confidently move to a slimmer body. Having decided to do physical exercise, it is important to determine the most effective exercises

For example, if you will be crouch, you will not be able to lose body fat. Squats are aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles that in itself implies increase in the volume the abdomen. Top aides in losing body fat are walking, swimming, cycling. Minimum time of daily physical activity must be at least half an hour. If you are new in this business, you can begin with small and gradually increase your workouts.

Muscles under control

Squats for losing body fat

In addition to simple physical exercises it is necessary to perform strength exercises. With help of power loads, you can increase your muscle mass, which in turn entail acceleration of metabolism and fat burning. Thanks to this, you will not only can lose body fat, but also to pump beautiful press.
Active squats, the leg press, the leg lifting, exercise, aimed at the thighs will help you to achieve the desired result, and keep it forever.
If you do not have time to go to the gym, but there is a financial opportunity to buy the necessary equipment and dumbbells, you can at any time to train at home.
It is worth mentioning that for some people are more suitable home workout. Some people feel more comfortable in the community of like-minded who prefer sports lifestyle. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and start training with pleasure.
Optimal schedule of physical training is a day every other day. So, your body will recover faster and increase efficiency of exercise.
With the help of physical activity you will lose not only body fat, but cellulite.

The right diet

Of course, for people who want to lose weight it is necessary to strictly monitor their diet. All diets and system of proper nutrition expect exceptions from the diet products containing a large amount of fats and carbohydrates. Of course, nobody will like prohibitions and restrictions, so we’ll talk about what you can eat.

The right diet for losing body fat

So, in your daily menu should first get foods rich in monounsaturated fats. They take care of the proper operation of your heart and let stand any exercise.

To determine the daily calorie intake, you can use a variety of popular formulas proposed in the Internet. Once you determine the number of calories for your age and weight, boldly subtract additional 500 calories, and you’ll be lose a pound a week. Such weight loss is the most optimal, since more rapidly dropping weight can be very harm the body.

Through regular exercise, you not only lose your body fat. You get a nice flat stomach and significantly improve your health. Athletic man is not afraid of heart diseases and other chronic diseases. Sport develops endurance, strengthens muscles and joints.

It is important not to overdo it. Therefore, if you’ve never engaged in sports, start workout with simple and not very prolonged exercises.
And do not be discouraged if body fat not started to leave immediately. Be patient and body fat will not sustain your rush.