How to lose weight fast for men

how to lose weight fast for men

Hide a beer belly under his jacket harmful for a personal life and dangerous to health. We have compiled the most important tips about how to lose weight fast for men.

Tip # 1. Do not forget about aerobic exercise

In males most often increases belly first: in this zone store fat and even increase the internal organs. This type of completeness leads to the risk of heart disease and for many other problems. That is why men often rush thoughtlessly to pump abdominals and do not understand why it does not work.
“In order to effectively lose weight, for a man in training primarily needs aerobic exercise – say leading fitness instructor halls. – In the gym you have to do more cardio exercises, and try to walk at least 5 miles a day and use the stairs instead of the elevator.” Be careful with running: overweight is not a gift for your joints. You are risking of getting hurt, if you will run a lot. For the first time replace the treadmill on elliptical trainer, a jogging in the park replace on intense walking or vigorous bike ride.

treadmill help to lose weight fast for men

Elliptical trainer

Tip # 2. You should balance workouts

Besides regular cardio workouts also required strength workout. They boost testosterone levels – the main male hormone because of which depends largely how looks a man. In addition, the more muscle mass, the higher the metabolism. The higher the metabolism, the more calories you spend, the faster you lose weight! In order to combat with main male problem area recommend functional training. Such workouts excellent load deep muscles of the back and abdominal muscles. This will help to lose weight fast for man, freeing him from hateful big belly. Men often neglect exercises for flexibility. And in vain! Good flexibility is needed not only for the normal state of health. We must understand that it also boosts your metabolism, improves muscle, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and the whole organism.

Abdominal muscles

Tip # 3. Do not starve!

The more you weigh now, the more you need to eat. Otherwise you will not satisfy your metabolism and begin to swell up with hunger. Diet with caloric restriction – a one-time action, after which the weight will come back very quickly. Do not go on a diet – just start to eat properly and balanced This approach will help you to say goodbye to being overweight not for a couple of months, and over the long term.

Tip # 4. Eat knowingly

Seafood help you lose weight

If the preceding paragraph is hardly someone upset, now will focus on the limitations. You should eat enough but composition of the diet will have to change. To improve the quality of life and losing weight fast for men first need to abandon beer, fatty foods, bakery and confectionery products, refined products and semi-finished products which are harmful not only for the figure, but for the health and male power. Eat lean meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and herbs. And particularly attentive to the drinking regime: Drink at least 3-4 pints of water a day.

Tip # 5. Reduce the portions of food

Seafood help to grow thin

It seems impossible? It is not surprising: after all, probably your stomach is strongly stretched. The most common reason for this is that many men rarely eat late in the evening after work and lots of food. The first time will not be easy: three-course dinner will have to replace for one plate with food. Also you will have to find time for food in addition to lunch – because when you eat less at one time, you need to do this more often! But after a while you will begin to feel that you need less food to gorge on, and save yourself from the heaviness in the stomach, abdominal distention, but also will lose weight.

Tip # 6. Connect the slimming process wife or girlfriend

The exercise on the elliptical trainer

If you are really determined to lose weight, do not hesitate it. Tell her about your plans, and you will get tremendous support. “After as husband asked me, if he had lost excess weight of stomach, I understood that it is important to note any changes that he has achieved. And the more he gets compliments, the more willing he is to workout again “, says the woman who is a fitness trainer. Faithful girlfriend will help to lose weight fast for man, adjusting his diet and mode of the day. Believe me, she is as much as you want to make you thinner and with pleasure will enter into the process of your weight loss. And if you do not want that she told about your efforts to lose weight to all your friends, this too can be negotiated!

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    Howdy this is somewhat of off topic but these tips have helped me lose 10 pounds in a month!