10 Rules To Lose Weight Fast

You want to be beautiful and graceful. But sometimes circumstances do not allow you go to the gym, exercise regularly or follow a diet strictly. How to lose weight fast without leaving the house and doing the usual household chores? Here are some guidelines that will help you become slim!

Ten rules to lose weight fast

1. Follow for regime of the day and nutrition

The first rule, which mark the beginning of the rapid weight loss – it is a regime of the day. Divide the day hour by hour – wake-up time, water treatments, breakfast, lunch, dinner, housework, etc.

Few squats and jumps a day will help keep your figure in shape

Divide meals on 5 times a day at equal intervals – breakfast, afternoon snack, lunch, dinner, late dinner. If you have a family and you need to cook dinner for the arrival of husband, try cooking after eating, so as not to be tempted to “try everything” after 7:00 pm.

Analyze the day – at what time you will have an opportunity give yourself at least 15 minutes of time. It is desirable to choose time either before breakfast or before afternoon snack (for example, when the baby sleeps).

Spend 15 minutes by doing a little physical exercise – only need a few squats or exercises for the abs and thighs. It will give you cheerfulness and gradually will become a habit.

2. Avoid alcohol to lose weight fast

Turn all the housework into fitness

Even if you drink alcohol very rarely, for quick weight loss is always useful to abandon alcohol altogether. Beer, wine, whiskey and other drinks contain calories, besides, while intoxicated is enhanced appetite.

Do not forget also that alcohol suggests snacks and more often it is ham, cheeses, sweets, salty fatty fish, etc. Unlikely you will drink beer with apple or will refuse from slices of red fish. So if you will not provoke yourself, it will help you avoid the extra pounds.

3. Twist hoop and jump rope

Pleasant and easy twisting of hoop helps you keep yourself in shape. It would seem, just 10 minutes a day, and the result will be noticeable within a week.

Twisting of hoop, when you watching TV or while you waiting the end of the wash. You can alternate training with hoop and jumping rope. Literally 30 jumps per day will be enough to be in shape.

Twist the hoop to lose weight

4. To lose weight fast you need to replace the dishes

Psychological trick which, oddly enough, works! Change your plate to a smaller size, thereby reducing the amount of food consumed. Do not mix foods in single bowl – for the first main course uses one plate, for salad – use another bowl of small volume. And avoid food additives!

Change your plate to a smaller size

5. Keep a diary to lose weight fast

To make it easier to monitor the results, write your weight on the first day in a special notebook. Every day write forthcoming regime for a next day or a week, mark with pluses that was done, and mark with minuses that was not done. Write products that have been eating during the day, the number of cigarettes if you smoke (or, conversely, if you quit smoking – mark the number of days that you live without a bad habit). In the evening make checkweighing. Once you notice the results, you will have even more motivation for further dietary exploits.

Keep a diary to lose weight fast

6. Use creams

Now in retail sales a wide variety of creams for quick weight loss, which is easy to use. Choose for itself a cellulite cream or scrub, you can also purchase adhesive bandages for quick weight loss. To get started, try the cream on hand to determine if it fits you, or there is the risk of getting allergies. Only after this little test, you can start actively using the product. In the morning, after a shower smear problem areas with cream and put on comfy waisting pants. Repeat this procedure before bedtime.

Use creams for weight loss

7. Do household chores as exercise

Laundry and ironing, cleaning, campaigns in shops … Turn all the housework into fitness. Going to the store, get down downward on stairs instead of the elevator. If the bag is not so heavy – go upstairs on foot. During ironing very useful to sweat – wear clothes that will create a sauna effect. Is necessary to use every opportunity to achieve results!

Often as possible go up and down stairs

8. Exclude some products to lose weight fast

There are products which is necessary to forget forever, if you want to lose weight fast. Vegetables, fruits, natural meat, steamed, dairy products – that’s what should be your companions. Do not eat bread, sweet baked goods; reduce the amount of consumption of cereals.Try as little as possible to eat potatoes, and forget about pasta. Certainly, mayonnaise, cheese, butter, hot dogs and sausages should be deleted from your menu, even if a “very desirable.”

Vegetables are good for weight loss

9. Do not eat while lying

Make it a rule to eat while sitting at the table! The desire to “have dinner while watching the TV,” or have a snack, continuing to walk in home – not permitted. Spend 5-10 quiet minutes on meal, take your time and do not get up from the table during lunch. Among other things, recommended to eat without distractions – turn off the TV, put off tablet, and stop reading.

Do not eat while lying

10. Take baths

Water treatments are useful at any time! Take in the morning a contrast shower, and in the evening make water massage, during which send enhanced spray of water on the problem areas of the body. While taking a bath, use various means: flavored oils can help the muscles to relax, shower gels help to lift and strengthening of skin, and scrubs and other tools can help in the fight against cellulite and will provide a warming effect. After a bath, do the wiping; Wipe completely dry with a towel a little harsh pile.

We wish you pleasant weight loss!

Water treatment