How To Lose Weight Faster – 5 Simple Tips For Every Day?

These tips do not relate to nutrition and diet, but will help to be beautiful, slim and healthy. Without effort and trouble. Take our advice to improve skin condition, speed up metabolism and support vital organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Not many people know, but it is the proper operation of the excretory system and the organs of the gastrointestinal tract that promote weight loss and maintain normal body weight. A good metabolism – a slim, strong body. Let’s try to figure out what measures can be taken to ensure that the digestive tract works smoothly.

What is the problem: why should the gastrointestinal tract work be improved?


The functions of the digestive tract organs are regulated naturally, so why help them, you ask? And then, that the organism of modern man is often lazy and sluggish, and the work of many systems is slowed down, which was not typical of our ancestors, but, unfortunately, is characteristic of modern man. If you occasionally notice a violation of the chair, feel the heaviness in the abdomen and other signs of discomfort, it is time to listen to our advice!

Drink more pure water.

Try to drink more water, the norm is 30 ml per lb of weight. And remember, tea and coffee are not included here. On the contrary, excessive consumption of caffeine can even harm the body. Read more about how much to drink water and how to determine dehydration, read here and here.

You need to move more.

It is not necessary to work out in the gym, the main thing is to move, it has a beneficial effect on the bowels. Particularly useful walking at an average pace, cycling, rollerblading. Activity may be different, but it helps to keep the body and body in good shape – just choose the load for yourself or just start a dog!

Water For Digestion

More oxygen

No matter where you work, what you do, where you live, try to always find time to get some fresh air. And just more often ventilate the room where you are. It is best to combine this advice with the previous one – to walk in the fresh air. And movement, and breath.

Less stress

Breathe more, but try to be less nervous. We understand that many troubles are difficult to foresee, and even harder not to worry when the bad has already happened. To advise something is meaningless. But we will try. Try to distinguish grief from the problem. The problem is different in that it always has a solution. Try to respond to what is happening calmly. Shouted the boss, did not give leave, the daughter brought the top three? Do not be nervous! Remember, everything can be solved. Stress provokes weight gain, interferes with the normal functioning of internal organs and can even cause hormonal disorders. Take care of yourself!

Sleep at least 7 hours

Full night sleep – 7 – 8 hours. In extreme cases 6. Less simply can not. This will adversely affect the work of all organs, including the brain, and not just the digestive tract. In addition, lack of sleep – the main enemy of a good figure. Confirmed by numerous studies that people who do not sleep enough, more actively gaining weight.

To fall asleep better, do not go down well fed and very hungry, remove gadgets away and put out the light. Complete silence and darkness contribute to the speedy fall asleep and good recovery. Read more about how to improve the quality of sleep, read this article.