The Thickest Countries In The World

That year the World Health Organization (WHO) is sounding the alarm. People across the Earth began to rapidly gain weight. According to WHO, over the past 35 years, the number of people who are overweight has doubled! For example, in the US, 2/3 of adults are obese. But despite this, the United States is not the leader of this problem. Although many are accustomed to think that way. According to statistics, there are more than ten countries, the relative number of fat people in which more than in the United States of America. Let’s find out about some of them!


In this eastern country, over 87 percent of the population is overweight. Just imagine! Nine out of ten Kuwaitis are diagnosed with obesity! It is difficult to say what exactly is the reasons for this. One of the sources of such a large-scale obesity among the citizens of Kuwait is considered the excessive love of Kuwaitis for fast food and the hot climate, in which you do not want to go in for sports, and in general do any activity.

Mexico Obesity


In Mexico, over one third of the total population is overweight. The state is seriously concerned about this problem and declared obesity a disease of the nation. Causes of fat Mexicans are commonplace – bad gastronomic cravings. Mexicans love fast food and, available to everyone, convenience foods.


WHO cites statistics that more than 65 percent of Venezuelan citizens, who are more than twenty years old, are obese. The reason for this is the low purchasing power of the Venezuelans and the lack of free access to healthy food. Because of this, Venezuelan citizens consume in large quantities flour products and fried fatty foods.


This tiny state is a leader in the number of people with obesity in relative terms. Almost 95 percent of the population of this island country are overweight. The reason for this is the almost complete absence of the food industry in Nauru. The country has no land that is suitable for growing vegetables and fruits. Because of this, citizens eat imported food. At the same time, most of the imports are food saturated with trans fats and sugar. Read more about the dangers of trans fat here.

Kuwait Obesity


In Germany, children and adolescents suffer from obesity. About 20 percent of boys and girls in Germany are overweight. The government of this country is seriously concerned about this problem and seeks to fight it. As a preventive measure at the legislative level in Germany, advertising of sweets, flour products, fast food and beer is limited. There is also a promotion of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, this problem has not bypassed our country. Since 2013, Russia is in the top twenty of the thickest countries in the WHO ranking. In Russia, about 25 percent of the population are overweight. However, statistics show that the number of obese people is about the same among men and women.