Weight loss tips for you

The problem of weight loss is very relevant in today’s world. There are many methods, diets, and ways to lose excess weight. Many of them are extreme and dangerous to health.
Perhaps you’ve already tried some of the ways the loss of excess weight, but again came to the question: how to effectively lose weight without harm to health, fix this result and not get fat again?
If you want to effectively lose weight without gaining and losing weight, choose for yourself the best and most effective way to lose weight: correct losing weight without harm to health.
So what are the main weight loss tips?

weight loss menu

Tip # 1. To lose weight effectively, get rid of excess weight slowly.

Lose no more than 2 pounds per week (the maximum allowable amount)! If you’re determined to lose weight effectively for yourself, lose weight slowly – 6-8 pounds a month. No strict diets and special tablets!.Do not worry that you are losing weight slowly. But it is reliable and the result is stable. You do not hurt your health, especially if you are very overweight.Do not rush to lose weight! It is understandable that sometimes you need to lose weight very quickly. Perhaps the “extreme” diet will help you, but after them the weight will return to you again in most cases. Therefore, to effectively lose weight, try to trim the auspicious moment in your life.

From this it follows the second weight loss tip:

Tip # 2. If you want to lose weight effectively, you should take a firm decision.

If you really decide for yourself to lose weight effectively, then Approach this issue very seriously and do not let yourself to knock off from the chosen path (especially do not succumb to the entreaties to eat something delicious, but nutritious).

Select a favorable time for yourself. Tune positively and not depart from your goal. Even if you are very overweight, you can lose it. The main thing is not to hurry and to believe in success. On the same day, when you’re determined to lose weight effectively, begin to feel as if you have already dropped a few pounds.

People with huge overweight, elderly people or people who have health problems should always consult with doctor in the process of losing weight. You have taken a firm decision to start your beautiful process of parting with overweight? Excellent!

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In the meantime, let us recall a few simple tips for those who want to lose weight and maintain a new form:

  • Do not eat after 6:00 pm (if you are very hungry, you can drink a small glass of low-fat yogurt before going to bed).Eat only natural and fresh products. No substitutes and half-stuffs!
  • Drink about 3-4 pints of water a day. Drink just water, and not tea, coffee, drinks or something else.
  • Successively eliminate from your diet: bakery products from premium flour, cakes, pastries; refined sugar; foods containing saturated fats (fatty meats, lard, fatty dairy products) and trans fats (margarine, its a lot of different sweet pastries and cakes).
  • Include in your diet more fresh fruits, vegetables and freshly prepared juices.
  • Once a week to arrange a fasting day or one day diet, which there are a lot.
  • You can arrange a “hungry” day 1-2 times a month by eating only water. Such a day is useful for removing toxins from the body.
  • Sleep 7-8 hours a day. It is essential for normal metabolism.
  • More move and breathe in the fresh air!

cerea to lose weight

For more stimulus post in a conspicuous place celebrity photos that despite the elderly age, looks very slim, sports, etc. (eg, Madonna or someone you like) (this item is optional).

We return to the weight loss tips.

Tip # 3. Combine a healthy diet and exercise for weight loss.

A healthy diet is a diet that restricts certain types of products, but at the same time includes all the macro-and micronutrients necessary for the body.
Exercises necessarily there should be in the weight loss program to help you lose weight due to fat, and not due to the muscles. This is unacceptable in the right weight loss. You need to lose excess fat. In this just also will help exercise for weight loss.

Choose the suitable level of intensity. You can start with a simple and gradually increase the load. Physical exercises combined with a healthy diet give a stunning effect.

Fitness for Weight loss

Tip # 4. Compose your individual weight loss program and follow it.

Of course, you can use ready-made programs, but to really lose weight effectively, it is better to make your program. It is not difficult, and we teach you how to do it.


Effective weight loss program consists of the following items:
1. Figure out exactly what should be your normal weight, or even better ideal weight.
It is necessary to know how many pounds You need to lose and how many time you need to lose weight. Bearing in mind principle of slow weight loss: no more than 2 pounds a week, you can accurately calculate the period of losing the extra pounds.Use to define the normal or ideal weight special formula. For example, use the formula Brock, which takes into account weight, height, age, gender and body type. In this can also help special calculators: calorie calculator, body mass index, ideal weight, etc.


healthy diet

2. Calculate your daily requirement of calories.
This item is most important. The number of required calories per day, you can count on a formula or using a calculator calories. It is important that the daily rate of calories consumed should not be less than 1200 kcal per day. Consumption of fewer calories is dangerous to health.
From the daily norm calories you will know the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates of daily calories, necessary for a healthy diet (according to formula or using a calculator).

3. Prepare your individual healthy diet.
Knowing how much you need to consume calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, choose wisely useful products considering their calorie content, and make up a menu for the week.
Perhaps, at first it will be unusual constantly count calories of foods that you eat, but soon it will become a habit and you will even be able to determine by eye the calories of products (but better an accurate count).

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4. Begin perform simple workout.
After about a 1-1.5 weeks after the start of effective weight loss program you can start to do exercise for weight loss. Of course, you can start a workout at once, it depends on your psychological spirit.

These are the basics correct weight loss. Follow these weight loss tips and you are guaranteed success!