What Food Products Cause Cancer?

A group of scientists from France, together with Brazilian colleagues have identified the relationship between the use of products with a high degree of processing and the development of malignant tumors, RIA Novosti reports.

Investigated the development of breast cancer, intestines and prostate. Scientists have determined which products contribute to the development of cancer.

Cancer Products

These products cause cancer: bakery products and snacks, sugary carbonated drinks, semi-finished and reconstituted meat products, corn flakes with flavor enhancers.

Products from this list, scientists attributed to the “ultra-processed.” They are almost no vitamins and fiber, but a lot of salt, sugar and trans fat.

Carbonated Drinks

The study involved more than one hundred thousand men and women aged 43 years. They were asked to fill out special questionnaires. The questions mainly related to food products – all in all, questions were asked about 3300 different food products.

When processing the results, the taste preferences of the study participants, their gender, level of education, professional affiliation, presence of bad habits, sedentary or active lifestyle, genetic predisposition to cancer were taken into account.

The research team found that eating foods from the list above increases the risk of developing cancer by 10–12%. In particular, the likelihood of developing breast cancer increases by 11%, while the exact figures for intestinal and prostate cancers are not reported.

Scientists themselves emphasize that this study is still relatively young, and the results may still be updated. But, nevertheless, scientists advise to limit products with a high degree of processing.