What helps lose weight fast

Want to lose weight fast to look chic on the beach or at a party? There are many ways to lose a few pounds quickly, but rapid weight loss can be dangerous. Fad diets, diet pills, starvation can cause rapid weight loss, but these methods can also lead to muscle atrophy, problems with the heart and other organs. What decision to take? Do not hope for a miracle or a kind fairy. Instead, the following are some tips, they will help you lose weight fast enough, without the harmful effects and for long.

1. Be engaged counting the calories that you consume each day.

Write down everything you eat for a day. Carry small notepad and write down every drink, every meal, every candy.
Do not forget to write down a piece of butter and a spoonful of sugar in tea. This is best done during the week to capture and weekdays and weekends.

Analyze the number of calories. There is a theory that to count calories, you should use the following formula: Divide your ideal weight by 10. This is not an absolute truth for everyone. Consult with a nutritionist, because if a person is growing, for example, he needs more calories. Everyone has their own metabolism, so there is no universal advice and recommendations.

2. Find in your diet foods that are not beneficial and replace it with an alternative.

In fact, reducing the number of calories is much easier than it might seem at first glance. For example, a tall glass of latte every morning – 500 calories. But black coffee can help to lose weight quickly. Ruthlessly delete from the list of mayonnaise, candy, sweet carbonated water, butter. You can not give up the delicious things completely, just cut their consumption to a minimum.