How Plank Exercise Is Done?

We have already told how much you need to stand in the bar in order to achieve maximum results. Now recall how to do the bar.

The correct strap is performed as follows:

  • take a prone position;
  • press your elbows to the floor perpendicular to the shoulder joint;
  • squeeze palms into fists, keep fists parallel to each other;
  • retract and tighten the abdominal muscles;
  • strain your buttocks;
  • the neck, back and waist are parallel to the floor and form a straight line – without deflections;
  • legs together (if it is hard, you can slightly spread your feet), focusing on the tips of the toes.
  • Plank Exercise Elbows

    The abdomen should always be retracted throughout the exercise. Do not delay breathing, inhale and exhale smoothly and rhythmically. Photo slats below.

    Level for beginners

    The bar for beginners can be done like this: hold the bar for 10 seconds, then lie down on your stomach, rest for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position for another 10 seconds. Make 3 – 6 sets. This option for beginners offered Doug Sklar – coach from the United States, who is confident that the effect will be similar to a longer hold.

    “Excessive duration, especially at first, can lead to a violation of technology and overload the lower back,” says Sklar. It is better to stand 5 times for 10 seconds with the correct technique, than a minute and a half at once, but bending the back.

    Level for advanced

    If you are well trained and the minute of the plank is easy, the exercise can be complicated. For example, rely not on elbows, but on straight palms. This will increase the load.

    Plank Exercise

    You can do the bar every day, gradually increasing exercise time and the number of repetitions. Experienced coaches advise to start with a strap on the elbows, and then add other variations to achieve the maximum effect.

    For example, you can try:
  • a classical level on direct hands;
  • a classic plank with a raised leg – to perform as usual, only with a raised leg;
  • slip bar – place your feet on the discs for sliding and spread your legs to the side (together – to the sides – together – to the sides);
  • cross bar with hands and feet touching – standing in a bar on straight palms, lift your right leg, and, bending, pull your knee up to your chest. With your left elbow, touch the knee of the right leg;
  • a plank with a stretch – put your feet on the disks to slip, and with your hands, step forward, moving your hands alternately.