How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur most often in women. By themselves, they are harmless, but for most girls it is a real disaster, like cellulite. Stretch marks are white or pinkish scars on the skin that appear when the skin is strongly stretched. Stretch marks can occur in obese women and a slender woman. They are formed during pregnancy, in cases of sudden gain or weight loss, in adolescents with hormonal changes. To get rid of stretch marks is very, very difficult.

How to remove stretch marks on the body?

Can I get rid of stretch marks? Unfortunately, to remove stretch marks completely and forever will not work by any means. But to make them less noticeable is real.

Stretch Marks Treatment

First of all, it is worth trying folk remedies. To get rid of stretch marks at home, prepare a special scrub. To do this, mix the salt with sugar and vegetable oil in equal parts, mix well and apply to those parts of the body where there are stretch marks. Gently massage the skin in the area of ​​stretch marks, then rinse with water, rub with a towel, apply moisturizer.

A good effect is given by baths with the addition of sea salt or essential oils, as well as regular massage after water procedures, which increases blood flow, and stretch marks become less noticeable.

Stretch Marks

If you do not trust folk remedies, there are a lot of cosmetic creams and scrubs for stretch marks. It is best to purchase them at the pharmacy.

If all to no avail, then you should seek help from a beautician. The specialist will conduct an inspection and select the necessary procedure for each individual case. This may be peeling, wrapping or laser grinding. The most expensive and radical way of dealing with stretch marks is surgery. They resort to it only when nothing else helps.

Stretch Marks And Pregnancy

Prevention of stretch marks

The most effective remedy for stretch marks is prevention. It is better to prevent their formation than to correct the skin defects. To do this, it is important to regularly moisturize the skin, do massages, wraps. In other words, by all means increase the elasticity of the skin. Regular cleansing and moisturizing it will help reduce the formation of stretch marks many times. During pregnancy it is recommended to use bandages and special creams against stretch marks. The skin in the abdomen and thighs can also be moistened with baby oils with a good composition. Such easy to find in stores. You can consult with your doctor.

To eliminate the appearance of stretch marks, you also need to eat right. The diet should include a lot of vegetables, fruits, cereals, less white bread, sweet and flour.

And, of course, in order not to ask how to remove stretch marks, it is better not to bring the weight to a critical point. Those. if you weighed 90, and then suddenly lost weight sharply to 45, the skin probably will not have time for you, and stretch marks will appear. It is useful to play sports and constantly monitor their weight. As soon as extra pounds appear, you should immediately fight them, get rid of them without starting a problem.