How to lose a lot of weight fast

Proper nutrition

My girlfriend had a great curvy shape in his youth, and I was very thin. Then it was unfashionable to be thin. I consoled myself with the fact that in 30-40 years, my girlfriend grow fat, and I’ll be elegant. At first these hopes were justified. Having a baby made me not so emaciated. But time did not stop there. And imperceptible, I began to be more spacious jeans instead of tight jeans. I was far from obesity. I am only do not recognize myself in the mirror. And suddenly I wanted desperately to regain my figure! I developed a system of “every day”. It has laws, rules and basic principle. Let’s start with the laws of losing a lot of weight fast.

How to lose a lot of weight fast

Law # 1. Sustainable results can only be achieved regularity.

Law # 2. The figure should not be reached the expense of health.

how to lose a lot of weight fast

All inconsistent and chaotic diets are injurious to health. So, do not go hungry for the holiday! Do not use “magic” diets such as “lose 10 pounds in 5 days.”

Law # 3. Proper diet – nutrition.

This is what is eaten every day. Every day of your life! You do not have to diet for a while, you have to live on it. You must live fully and not surviving. You must bring your health benefit, not harm. If you choose a diet, it is forever. These laws can not be violated, that do not hurt yourself. Now let’s talk about the rules. They helped me for 3-4 months to get rid of 20 pounds and for maintaining the result. And on holidays, I do not poison my meal with meatless view and an empty plate. And the thing is, in principle: eat less, drink more and move more. I repeat, this rule must be observed “for life” and not before the holidays. The following tips will help to implement the principle into practice. Among them there are obvious. But first, many people underestimate these principles, understand them wrong, and secondly, they work just in the system.

how to lose a lot of weight fast

Tip # 1. Drink water to lose a lot of weight fast

Doctors and nutritionists say that the norm of consumption is 0.02 pints of water on 2 pounds of weight. If your weight is 155 pounds, this means that you need to drink more than four pints of water a day. Tea, oranges, beer included here. Coffee, soup, alcoholic beverages are not included: they are not saturated human tissue by water. If you do not drink a lot, then the body will not give a single ounce of fat tissue of its – its life depends on it!

Tip # 2. A glass of water before meals to lose a lot of weight fast

If you drink a glass of water before a meal, you will eat less. It is tested. Because modern citizens overeat almost totally, it is only for the benefit.

Tip # 3. No sugar in tea and coffee

Coffee breaks at work – it is a ritual. Many women are surprised by counting how many cups of sweet coffee they drink per day.

Raw food

Now let’s talk about nutrition. Food should be a full and balanced. You have to live life with this meal. This means that in the diet should be all the products included in the national food culture. Do not eat more than necessary for the sustenance of the body.

Tip # 4. Take smaller portions of food

Look at the plate full of food. If the bottom of plate is not visible, then it is wrong. You can eat fried potatoes! But do not a bunch – a small handful. You can eat a burger! But only one or half. At the holiday table you can put a piece of the cake, only cut thinner. It is better than hate everyone, and at night empty the fridge.

Tip # 5. Eat more green to lose a lot of weight fast

Person needs proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber with vitamins. But how much? Of course people eat it all. But people still closer to apes than to cows and wolves. Monkeys willingly eat squirrels. But basically they are herbivores. Do not compete with primates in the consumption of herbs, but simply to reduce the proportion of protein and carbohydrate foods in favor of greenery.

raw food

Tip # 6. Eat more raw foods

Simple and useful: eat less processed food and more raw, less fried – more baked, boiled, man. You can not overdo it, because we eat a lot of fried meat and very little boiled fish and raw greens.

Tip # 7. Control your snacking

If I advise eating strictly by the hour, I cast aside tomatoes. But then reduce harm from food to a minimum. If you want to eat, our first step will be to drink a glass of water. We often confuse thirst with hunger. If 20-30 minutes passed, and hunger became stronger, we have earned snack. But you can eat only fruits, vegetables, and not a loaf of bread and a sandwich. Can even banana, though he calorie. You can drink kefir or other dairy products to your taste. You have to love dairy products! Sandwich is also possible. I love cheese and butter on white bread very much. But not every day and not for three sandwiches at a time.

Raw food salad

Tip # 8. Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Aim for a regular diet. Eat fractional, little and often. Oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for a snack, soup for lunch, kefir for a snack, fish and salad for dinner, warm milk or tea with honey for two hours before bedtime!

Tip # 9. The fasting days

If you starve once a week, and in general heavily eat, you apply only harm for yourself. Fasting days are good on the background of proper nutrition. Some people have them regularly, for example, one day a week. Possible and longer-“one day a week + three days a month,” etc., but it is a separate issue. You can drink only water or have a limited set of products in the fasting days. General principle – unhurriedly. That is on the eve of the diet – lite diet , and the following day after the diet – cautious return to normal diet.

Raw food

Tip # 10. Workouts

If you start to eat properly, the body rebels at first, and then starts to save calories. It lays us on the sofa, puts in a chair, moves for a little, more sleeps. Here it is necessary to take to the gym and put on a treadmill. Or someone like that. It should be full training, from the heart! In the hall you can not walk or look in the mirror at your makeup. Need to blush, sweat and pant. Do not forget to drink water and observe the diet. Training on the background of overeating not help to lose a lot of weight fast. So important a comprehensive approach with which we began: less food, more water and motion. Just so you can tidy up your body, health and nerves. If you do not follow the rules and laws, you can not lose a lot of weight fast.