How to lose baby weight fast

How to lose baby weight fast

Many young mothers are struggling with excess baby weight as well as before the pregnancy. And in vain! Losing baby weight after pregnancy and childbirth has its own rules.

My girlfriend unsuccessfully tries to lose baby weight after the birth of a daughter, who was born four months ago. She does not eat after six o’clock in the evening, almost completely abandoned sweets, began to dance, but arrow of scales stands on the site. She now weighs 165 pounds, with growth of 65 inches, although she never weighed more than 132 pounds before the birth of her daughter. I caught a girlfriend depressed and decided to help her.
Nutritionists of modeling agency helped me to make a list of rules for losing baby weight fast after pregnancy and childbirth.

How to lose baby weight fast?

Lean meat – a chicken breast

Tip # 1. Have patience

Losing baby weight after childbirth can not and should not be quick. Pregnancy for the body – a lot of stress associated with the lack of vitamins and minerals, changes in hormonal levels and a decrease in physical activity. The recovery period can take anywhere from six months to a year.

Tip # 2. Balance diet during breastfeeding and immediately after it

You may not be undernourished during feeding. Because you can deprive the baby of essential vitamins and even provoke the appearance of toxins in milk. Daily breastfeeding will require a lot of energy – about 500 calories a day. The calories daily rate for women in this period is 2000 kcal.

the Pilates

Nutrition nursing mothers should be fractional – 4-5 times a day. Need to eat right! The diet should contain complete proteins (lean meat, fish), calcium rich foods (such as low-fat cheese 10-17%), fruits and vegetables. Exclude nourishing meat broths and soups: they have a lot of extractive substances that are slowly digested and thereby complicate the recovery of the body.
After the end of breastfeeding, limit your diet to 1600-1800 calories a day. Eat small meals every two to three hours – it will be easier not to get bogged down on overeating.

Tip # 3. Consult with physicians

During the year after giving birth you definitely need to visit the physician. 6 months after birth of a child, you necessary to hand over a complete blood count and analysis for hormones. You must make sure that the hormonal background stabilize. If a long time you can not lose baby weight, go for consultation to an endocrinologist and dietitian. Perhaps after childbirth was disrupted endocrine system or metabolism. In addition, you should go to the doctor if within 2-3 months after birth have not restored ovarian function and menstruation.

Water aerobics

Tip # 4. Forget about Hollywood stars

If you are envious to mother of four children – Heidi Klum, who manages to look perfectly, it is in vain! Fast weight loss after birth (within 2-3 months) may adversely affect the metabolism, lead to loss of milk and subsequently affect your health and the baby’s health.
Remember that an army of nurses and nutritionists help to the stars. Monitor the state of their body – part of the profession Hollywood divas. If you are not a fashion model, or TV presenter, or a singer, you are not required to return to the previous form in record time. Fashion model does not obliged too: health in first place!

Tip # 5. Do not eat much because of depression

Yoga helps to lose baby weight fast

The main enemy of weight loss after pregnancy – postpartum depression. Most often, depression contributes to nervous breakdowns and overeating.
The symptoms of postpartum depression: unexplainable tears, irritability, headaches, fatigue, sleep disorders. Hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in women increases during pregnancy. These hormones are responsible for the preservation and proper course of pregnancy. Immediately after birth, their level drops sharply and begins to produce a new hormone – prolactin. Organism rapidly rebuilt – from here mood swings. To deal with them you should not eat, you have to engage in sports. Very important support of close friends. If depression occurs in severe form, it is better to consult a specialist.

Tip # 6. Do not rush in the gym – walk in the fresh air

More walk with baby outdoors

Do not try to do everything that you could do before pregnancy in a fitness club. For the first time just walking around with a toddler for longer outdoors. Start with 20 minutes a day, then increase the time walking and walking tempo. Twenty minutes of brisk walking with a stroller helps burn about 150 kcal.
You can start dieting and start sparing training 4-6 weeks after vaginal birth. If you give birth by caesarean section, have to wait longer – 6-8 weeks: the seams on the stomach should grow together completely.
You can begin to fully train for 4-5 month after birth – yoga, pilates, jogging. After the end of lactation possible more intense exercise – dancing, water aerobics. Many fitness clubs have special programs for mothers and babies.
You can train at home until the child is asleep. Perform these simple exercises for all muscle groups. Pay attention to stretching. And when the child wakes up, try to work out with him.

Tip # 7. Have sex to lose baby weight fast

Lean fish – Alaska pollock

Doctors recommend to abstain from sex for 6-8 weeks after birth. But the severe restrictions in this matter does not exist. When you feel that you are emotionally you are ready for it, then renew sex life. Intimate gymnastics will help you physically prepare for the return to the world of sex.
After vaginal delivery, volume of vagina is greatly enhanced. To return the perineal muscles in tone, begin to train them in 2-3 months after birth. Preferably daily.
Special exercises for women invented an American gynecologist Arnold Kegel. Kegel exercises – contraction of the pelvic muscles that support the vagina.
– Squeeze vaginal muscles for 10 seconds and then relax for 10 seconds. Perform these movements 5 minutes a day, and then for a minute makes quick reduction every second.
«Elevator»: a little reduce lowermost vaginal muscles (“1st floor”), hold for 3-5 seconds, then reduce the area above (“2nd floor”) again hold. So go 4-5 “floors” up and down, “stopping” on each of them.
These exercises can be performed in any position: sitting, lying down, standing up.

Tip # 8. Do not forget to enjoy motherhood!

Process of losing baby weight after childbirth may seem long and painful, if you focus too much on the problems of shape and overweight. Do not forget about the main thing – now you’re a mom. This is an occasion for pride. Later, looking back, you will realize what wonderful were the first months of life of your baby. Figure can return, but these moments – never.