How to lose weight fast for kids

How to lose weight fast for kidsToday’s kids are rarely involved in sports, and generally lead a sedentary lifestyle. Instead of moving games, they often spend their free time in the computer. This leads to an increase in overweight kids. Predilection of children to the various burgers, chips and soda also worsens the situation. These foods are delicious, but there is no benefit in them, because they contain a lot of artificial additives, and they are very high-calorie foods. Therefore, if a child has a problem with excess weight, then the task of parents to help solve it. It must be done gently and unobtrusively, not sharpening attention on this problem. The most sensible option in this case – a combination of physical activity with a special diet.

How to lose weight fast for kids

It is not easy to develop a diet for kids. Just exclude some foods for a while, that cause fat deposits – not reasonable. After all, it is unacceptable to deprive growing body of the complex of essential vitamins and minerals. The child should always eat meat, fish, milk, vegetables, fruits, bakery products. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the proper distribution of food in the individual techniques, to better its assimilation. The most optimal diet is considered four meals a day. Breakfast should include 25-30% of the total diet, second breakfast – 10-15%, lunch – 40-45%, dinner – 15-20%. At breakfast and lunch you need to eat foods that contain lots of protein (meat, fish, eggs), and for dinner – vegetable and cereal dishes.

How to lose weight fast for kids? The approximate menu diet for kids 10, 11, 12 years

Rye bread

1st option
Breakfast – scrambled eggs with carrots, rye bread, tea or fruit compote.
Second breakfast – sandwich with cheese, stewed fruit.
Lunch – meat or potato soup, bread or rye bread.
Dinner – steamed vegetables and boiled potatoes, apple kissel.

2nd option
Breakfast – buckwheat cereal with skim milk.
Second breakfast – beet steam cutlets, compote of apples.
Lunch – soup on lean meat, boiled potatoes, steamed vegetables, rye bread.
Dinner – vegetable salad (low-fat mayonnaise allowed), pudding made from fruits.

Carrot apple juice

3rd option
Breakfast – oatmeal, tea with milk.
Second breakfast – tomatoes, bread, baked apple.
Lunch – hash of vegetables, rye bread, juice of carrot and apple.
Dinner – steamed zucchini, boiled potatoes, tea.

4th option
Breakfast – scrambled eggs with apples, broth hips.
Second breakfast – potato pancakes with sour cream.
Lunch – mashed potatoes, burgers beet, rye bread, fresh fruit.
Dinner – oatmeal with raisins.

Fruit compote5th option
Breakfast – semolina pancakes with raisins and apple compote.
Second breakfast – liver pate with bread, fresh fruit.
Lunch – oatmeal plum soup, rye bread.
Dinner – boiled potatoes, meatballs steam meat, broth hips.

6th option
Breakfast – fruit puree.
Second breakfast – potato omelette, stewed fruit.
Lunch – soup of pureed vegetables, coffee with milk.
Dinner – braised potatoes, vegetable salad with sour cream