How to lose weight in a week

How to lose weight in a week to 10 pounds.

Despite the fact that today there are a variety of diets, exercise and tips, main rule of healthy weight loss: «consume less energy than spending». This formula of success is the basis of every possible ways of losing weight, regardless of the tasks: complex weight loss of 20 – 40 pounds or light figure correction with getting rid of a couple of extra pounds.
If you have a need or desire to lose weight in a week to 10 pounds, you should know that it’s real. But keep in mind that is very important to use competently rapid weight loss, to not harm your health. You must understand that if you starve yourself for several days, you will not lose weight and gain a bad mood and stressors. Of course you will lose weight, but the effect will not be long, and pounds will come back fast. Therefore, you should lose weight correctly, thoroughly and effectively!
As mentioned earlier, you must consume fewer calories than spending. This does not mean that you have to spend a week on a treadmill. Pay attention to your menu and stick to some basic tips:

Recommendations for those who want to lose weight in a week to 10 pounds.

oatmeal with berries

  • You should limit, or better yet eliminate, eating of fatty foods. Meat and vegetables should be boiled or stew. In any case not fry these products. Use sour cream instead of mayonnaise for salads.
  • In the morning you must to eat flour products, cereals and potatoes. In the afternoon, give preference to vegetables, seafood and low-fat yogurt products.
  • Combine meat with vegetable toppings, because it is better and faster absorbed by the body..
  • If you want sweet products, then eat a banana, orange, any other fruit or berries.
  • Allowed to drink dry red wine or eat a slice of bitter (not milk сhocolate) chocolate containing 80 percent or more cocoa.
  • Drink maximum of water. It helps to improve and speed up metabolism.
  • Do not eat before bedtime
  • And most important: move! Even if you have a sedentary office work, do not be lazy once again stand up and walk. More often go on foot, forget for a while what is elevator and escalator. Let your muscles will work, and then you will feel that is to be in good shape!
  • We note at once, if you want to once and for all rid of unnecessary pounds, then you should take these principles into the habit. Believe me, it’s easier than you think!

In addition to these basic rules of a healthy diet, there are a variety of diet which will help to lose weight in a short period of time desired. ATTENTION! When you’re dieting you must to move and not sit in one place. In the absence of any physical activity, any super diet is ineffective and does not justify the money spent and patience.
Nutritionists warn that healthy and properly selected diet is the one on which a person can live life. But presented options are designed for a few days. Only this short period of their use can bring the desired effect without harm to health. There’s no point torturing yourself monotonous menu for a long time.

Kefir with apples for weight loss

So, choose the one you like diet and lose weight in the fun!

Tip # 1. How to lose weight in a week.

This highly effective menu, however, it assumes severe restrictions on food.
For breakfast, eat one boiled egg and drink a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa without sugar. For lunch, eat a small portion of lean meat or fish, or a salad made from fresh vegetables flavored with lemon juice. For dinner, drink herbal tea without sugar.
For a week you can lose weight by 6-15 pounds

Tip # 2. Kefir diet

The advantage of this diet is that the use of yogurt has beneficial effects on the gastro-intestinal environment and normalizes metabolism.
So, in the first three days eat low-fat yogurt and boiled rice. The next three days your diet contains the same yogurt and boiled chicken. At the final stage, the last 2-3 days eat an apple with yogurt.
As a result, thanks to the kefir diet you can lose 6 to 15 pounds.

Tip #3. Czech diet

Healthy food for weight loss

From the name it is clear that the authors of this menu are Czechs. It, unlike many other diets, is the most sparing in the consumption of products, but also requires a certain amount of control and self-control.
The main condition of the Czech diet is the established norm in the consumption of no more than 1300 kcal per day, which are divided into six meals. Your diet should be rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins, which can be obtained from fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products. Consumption of carbohydrates, such as flour, starch and sugar, should be minimized.

Tip #4. Popular diet.

This diet plan is a variety of seven different dietary complexes and has a pretty decent effect – you can lose for a week from 6 to 15 pounds overweight. Essence of the diet is that you should only eat one type of food in each of the seven days (other foods you can not eat!). Note that you are allowed to eat salad with olive oil (any amount of fresh salad) in the “potato”, “cabbage”, “meaty” and “fish” days and all seven days maximum drink water or green tea (can drink tea with honey.)

Eat more vegetables to lose weight in a week

  • Sunday cereal: half a pound of buckwheat, oatmeal or rice.
  • Monday potato: Boiled potatoes with lettuce (2 pounds).
  • Tuesday cabbage: from 2 to 4 pounds boiled or stewed cabbage (white cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts).
  • Wednesday fruity: Any fruit.
  • Thursday meat: lean meat boiled or stewed.
  • Friday Fish: Boiled fish (preferably sea).
  • Saturday milky: two pints kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt.

Tip #5. When dieting is unacceptable to drink alcohol, coffee, sugar. In one day, you should drink at least 4 pints of liquid.
Perseverance, initiative, desire, patience and attention to itself will do the trick! Many people were able to lose weight in a week for 10 pounds, which means that you can too!
Good luck and health!