How to lose weight really fast

How to lose weight really fast

Dry and water starvation can help you lose weight really fast.

Dry starvation is the easiest and most effective way to lose weight really fast for three days. This say supporters of this method of losing weight. This is a very simple procedure. You need nothing to eat or drink for three days. According to nutritionists, the body will actively break down its own fat for water and nutrients in the first days of fasting. Many starving people point on the absence of thirst. But this method of rapid weight loss not suitable for every person, and it can cause weakness and headaches when you first use.

On the other hand, if you have sufficient experience of fasting in this way, you can lose weight really fast simple and easy. As saying followers of this method, in three days you can easily lose 8-10 pounds overweight.

Carrot and apple juice helps to lose weight really fast

How to lose weight really fast

Water starvation is also very effective for quick weight loss. You need not to eat anything for three days, and only drink water in any quantity. Very useful to make daily enema during this weight loss. You can lose 8-10 pounds overweight at such a diet. You need to stop water or dry fasting carefully. Amount of food is necessary to increase gradually. This is best done with vegetable salads or vegetable soups. If during starvation you are concerned about severe weakness and headaches, you can drink a glass of warm water, in which is necessary to dissolve a spoonful of honey, with the addition of a few drops of lemon juice.

If starvation is not acceptable for medical reasons, you can lose weight really fast with diets. Of course, such diets should contain a minimal amount of calories. For these purposes well will approach mixture of carrot juice with apple. Caloric content of 7 ounces of this mixture just 100 calories, and Caloric content of daily diet is only 600 calories.

Diet menu “less 10 pounds in 3 days” (extreme weight loss)

Juice from carrot and apple

You need to eat six times a day the following mixture: a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice with apple (50 to 50). Besides that, you are not allowed to eat anything. Consumption of water at such a diet is not limited. Is advisable to drink at least 3 pints of pure water per day. It is advisable not to overwork during the diet. Massage and swimming help for losing weight well. This diet may well cleanse the body. It can cause diarrhea, so it is not recommended for chronic bowel disease. After this diet you will look gorgeous and can easily lose 6-10 pounds depending on the initial weight.

Losing weight really fast within 3 days at 10 pounds on kefir

Kefir diet is very easy to use, but effective for really fast weight loss. It allows you not only lose weight but also to cleanse the body of toxins. Another important advantage of this diet is simplicity. No need to think about buying exotic foods, no need to make the menu. All that is needed is 2-3 pints per day of nonfat yogurt.

One percent kefir

The entire volume of kefir is divided into 5-6 meals, which is drunk without sugar. When feeling of hunger is compelling, you can add a small amount of unsweetened fruit in the diet, such as apples.
This menu must be observed for all three days. During the diet you should drink plenty of water – at least 3 pints a day.
Caloric content of such diet when used 3 pints of one percent of kefir will be only 600 kcal, which will allow to lose 10 pounds at these three days without problems.
Besides this diet, you can lose weight really fast in three days on a milk diet with green tea, chocolate diet. You can easily create your own diet for three days using a single low-calorie product. The main rule such diet – daily calorie intake should be no more than 500-600 calories.

After dieting experts do not recommend to use a large number of products. The gradual increase in volume food and caloric intake is a guarantee that the lost pounds does not return.

Note. Before using any method of losing weight you should consult with your doctor!