How to lose weight super fast

Drink more water and kefir

Is summer now and you will soon go on vacation in Miami or approaching solemn day on which you should be irresistible. But you feel that your favorite outfits are small on you. You notice that the lock in your pants fastened only at good retraction of the abdomen, and the belt on trousers became tight for you, skirt small for you, all your tight shirts show sagging sides and tummy. So, it’s time to lose weight super fast, because your scales show that you gained 20 pounds. And how to lose weight super fast for 20 pounds, which do not allow you to live in peace? First you need to restrict yourself to the flour, sweet and fatty products. You can find a proper diet and observe it. Of course you need to do even the most simple exercises. I want to offer my diet for 10 days, which helped me to lose weight super fast. This diet is suitable for both students who live only on the snacking and have no permanent schedule, so for people with normal and regular schedule. Weigh yourself before and after the diet. When you stick to your diet, you do not have to get up on the scales. Because you will feel that you do not lose weight super fast, and your morale will simply fall.

Green aplle helps to lose weight super fast

First day: First try to limit yourself from flour, fat and sweet as I have said above. Morning begin with a light not fat kefir and green apple. After that try to eat vegetables and drink water for all day. For dinner, you can eat buckwheat porridge with a minimum amount of salt and drink a glass of buttermilk. This day will be difficult for you, your usual schedule “of snacking” is replaced by a normal diet and your stomach will give the signals of hunger. Collect your will in a fist and endure. After all, you need a beautiful and graceful figure. You want to lose weight super fast!

Second day: Start with a very simple physical exercise, a little stretch your body before a hard working day. For breakfast again a glass of low-fat kefir and green apple. During lunch you can eat salad vegetables. One cup of yogurt waiting for you at dinner, boiled rice without salt and exercise again. Every day the workload of exercises must be increased.

Drink kefir each day to lose weight super fast

Third day: Your morning starts with the fact that you do not feel a strong hunger as the first day of the diet and it will be a good sign. To begin, you need to do morning exercises. Then you can have breakfast: a glass of low-fat yogurt and half an apple. Lunch on this day we skip. For dinner, you can drink chicken soup without salt and make physical jerks.

Fourth day: Morning starts with morning exercises, for breakfast – a small piece boiled chicken and you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt. Remember, do not eat, if your body does not want it. For lunch you can please yourself with grapefruit or half of orange . For dinner we will be eat broth without salt and boiled carrots. You can make light gymnastics.

Fifth day: Start your morning with a smile and light gymnastics listening to your favorite music. For breakfast, eat a slice of black bread with low-fat yogurt. At lunch you can eat boiled broccoli and fresh salad with a minimum amount of salt. And today we’ll skip dinner, you can enjoy a glass of drinking soda water and Gymnastics. Lose weight super fast – is not a fantasy, this is the reality of this technique.

Boiled carrot

Sixth day: As in past days start with gymnastics, oatmeal for breakfast on the water and a glass of low-fat yogurt. Grapefruit for lunch and simple drinking water. Buckwheat for dinner on the water without salt, a slice of black bread and gymnastics.

Seventh day: Start your morning with gymnastics, low-fat yogurt and half of green apple. We skip lunch today, but if you feel hungry can eat an apple or drink a glass of water. For dinner, you can eat boiled broccoli with a minimal amount of salt and a slice of black bread, and then gymnastics.

Eighth day: The morning begins with a cup kefir and gymnastics, for lunch you can eat a small amount of any fresh vegetables and drink a glass of mineral water, for dinner eats a slice of black bread with yogurt and make a good exercises.

Light chicken broth

Ninth day: Our diet is almost coming to an end and begin our ninth day with gymnastics, drink a glass low-fat yogurt and eat half a green apple, yogurt for lunch and for dinner boiled chicken without salt and boiled carrots and gymnastics.

The tenth day, the final: As previously, we start our day with a gymnastics, drink a glass low-fat yogurt and eat half a green apple. For lunch we have fresh salad and yogurt or water, and for dinner chicken broth and a slice of black bread and gymnastics.

If for some reason, you do not have of yogurt with low fat content, you can dilute with water kefir: for 2 pint of yogurt 1 pint of water and try to eat the apples without a peel, because peel promotes bad digestion. When you finish this diet, then the next week you can eat a lot of fruit, so that the body was saturated with vitamins. Then move gradually to full breakfasts lunches and dinners without any “snacking.”

Morning exercises

In order to lose weight super fast, you can use once every few months this diet in order to your body was easy to carry such stresses. I want to say if you started to observe this diet, you should not stay in the middle. Try to strictly observe the rules of this diet, only then it will be effective. Also, try to maintain your proper nutrition after diet: no snacking and overeating. It is bad for your figure and your body.

The most important thing for our body with any diet – drink plenty of water. Water suppresses the appetite and removes from our body many harmful substances and fats. Also, water helps our body to function properly. If you do not follow a diet, once per week do fasting days . When you are at some holiday or event, and you see before you a desk with delicious food, then do not abandon everything. Try all a little. Try to avoid salads with mayonnaise and sour cream. Also, a glass of wine will not hurt you. The next day you will not become fatter on a few pounds, if you will do exercises and will arrange fasting day. As well try to read the composition of the products that you buy. Lose weight super fast – it’s real. Good luck!