How To Quickly Get Rid Of Fat On The Sides And Abdomen?

There are fat folds in the waist? Favorite jeans are small? No problem! It will help a simple set of exercises for the waist and sides for each day – 20 minutes is enough to complete, the level of your training does not matter! All movements are elementary – no more difficult than morning exercises. The complex is designed specifically to get rid of fat folds in the waist and abdomen. Ideal in combination with calorie deficiency!

Exercises for the waist and sides: TOP-5 best
  • Squats. Squats are a basic element in any training program. Almost the whole body works, not just the buttocks, as many used to think. Stand straight, without bending in the lower back, legs shoulder-width apart, heels tight against the floor. Hands on the waist or shoulders. Squat without sudden movements to parallel with the floor. At the same time, the knees form a right angle and do not extend beyond the feet, the back remains straight. It is recommended to perform 3 – 4 sets of 10 – 15 repetitions. Better with weighting. Read more about the benefits of squats in this article.
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  • Bicycle. Everyone knows how a classic bike is performed. Many simply forgot about it or underestimate. In fact, this exercise is also very effective. Lie on the mat and start spinning imaginary pedals. The neck in the process of movement is not strained. Move from 2 to 5 minutes without stopping. The abdomenal area should burn! For beginners, one approach is enough for the 2 to 5 minutes indicated. Advanced can do the exercise 2 – 3 times.
  • Twisting. Lie on your back, arms behind your head, elbows bent, neck relaxed. Bend your legs at the knees and place your feet on the mat. Now alternately stretch the left elbow to the right knee and vice versa, in the opposite direction. Do 15 repetitions on each knee. Perform 2 – 4 approaches.
  • Scissors. Lie on the mat, arms behind your head or along the body. Raise your legs (right angle from the floor) and start moving, crossing your legs from side to side not too wide. There should be tension in the muscles of the press. Perform the exercise for about a minute, repeat 3 – 5 times. Beginners hold their feet at a right angle, advanced ones can hold their feet 60, 30 or 10 degrees from the floor. The movements can be done both horizontally and vertically, the main thing is not to touch the floor.
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  • Lifting the legs with a load. Lie down again on the mat, neck relaxed, arms under your head, loin tightly pressed to the floor. Put special weights on your legs or hold something between your lower limbs, such as a pillow or ball. Perform 10 – 15 movements. The number of approaches – from 3 to 5.
  • We also recommend to stand in the plank. How to do this exercise, read in this article.

    General recommendations

  • Perform a set of exercises for the waist and sides in a well-ventilated area, preferably in the morning, but not immediately after breakfast. Eat before eating or one hour after eating. The complex is ideal for home.
  • Prepare in advance a convenient rubberized mat for your height and inventory (weighting, balls, dumbbells). Take a bottle of water.
  • If you are at home, a sports uniform is not required, but clothing should be comfortable anyway.
  • When doing a squat, make sure your back is straight and strong. All other exercises are performed lying down – the loin is pressed to the floor. The load should feel the abdominal muscles, and not your back!
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  • Perform each exercise a specified number of repetitions, ideally until the abdominal area starts to burn unbearably.
  • Work without sudden movements, at a comfortable pace and amplitude, breathe measuredly.
  • Elementary short stretch is recommended before and after.
  • When performing exercises for the waist and sides at home, without a trainer, be attentive to yourself. If you experience any discomfort or pain, stop exercising immediately!
  • And, of course, do not forget to eat right! Properly chosen diet – 80 percent success. How to eat to lose weight in the waist and sides, read this article.