How To Quickly Lose Weight With An Hourglass Figure?

Different types of figures have their own problem zones (we wrote about it here). The process of losing weight, respectively, may also differ. Therefore, it is important to determine your type in order to understand which direction to work on correcting the outlines of the body. The most common type is the hourglass.

It is characterized by:

  • approximately the same width of the shoulders and hips;
  • approximately the same volume of the breast and the volume of the hips;
  • crisp waist silhouette.
  • Hourglass girls look proportional, even when they get better – the waist always stays in place. Ladies with this type of figure gain weight too evenly. This is a plus.

    Perfect Body

    But there is also a minus – those extra pounds “stick” rather quickly and extremely reluctantly “stick” back. And the inveterate fatty deposits, which you have gained over the years, are particularly hard to lose. However, not only the woman-hourglass will lose weight for a long time. Holders of all types of figures will have to try to regain their former harmony, if the problem of completeness is relevant for you not for the first month.

    What diet should follow the woman with an hourglass figure?

    To be slim, do not overeat. The volume of one serving should not exceed 300 grams (optimally – 200 g).

  • For breakfast, give preference to cereals and proteins (scrambled eggs, cereal with berries and fruit, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese with honey).
  • Fiber must be available at lunch. And again carbohydrates and protein. Eat rice, bulgur, buckwheat, barley and other cereals.
  • For dinner – protein and fiber. The optimal portion of meat or fish with a salad or steamed vegetables.
  • Type Of Body Shape Hourglass

    How to train?

    The type of hourglass figure, as seen in the photo, is characterized by proportionality, therefore, it is not necessary to “sculpt” fundamentally different outlines of the body. It will be enough to remove the fat from the problem areas – buttocks, thighs. This is a big plus.

    For example, an inverted triangle figure needs more serious correction if its owner wants to have feminine forms. Similarly, with a rectangle – the waist will have to “do” special exercises on the back and buttocks. Read more about how to make the waist narrow, read this article.

    Again, the owners of the hourglasses do not need to be killed in the hall – mother nature has already done everything for you, all you need is to lose weight.

    Work out the whole body evenly, you should not focus on certain areas. You can train with its own weight or small weighting. The body will immediately look more fit. And do not forget about cardio. Perfect walking, jogging, jumping rope, bike, swimming.

    Know your type? Start right now, get closer to your dream figure!