Raw Foods Diet For Weight Loss – All The Pros And Cons

Raw foods is a food system that excludes products that have undergone heat treatment (cooking, frying, stewing, baking, smoking, pasteurizing). Those. The basis of the diet are exclusively raw products. Including allowed (with strict observance of other rules of raw food) dried sun-dried fruits, cold-pressed vegetable oils and cereals in raw (soaked) form.

Proponents of such nutrition claim that thermal processing of products is unnatural, because our ancestors ate only raw, natural products. Only uncooked food, naturally present in the wild, retains the value of the nutrients it contains, vitamins. And therefore, it is raw food that is the most biologically natural, say raw foodists.

Let’s try to figure it out. Raw foods – what is it: voluntary doom yourself to eternal hungry meal or the path to enlightened life and a renewed consciousness? How raw is healthy, does it have a destructive effect on the body? This question is logical to ask, given that our ancestors died at an earlier age than people living in our time.

A Raw Food Dinner

A Raw Food Dinner

The essence of raw food and its varieties

The essence of raw food is to eat only foods that have not undergone heat treatment. Such a food system is more like a vegan. In this case, the taste preferences of raw foodists are different. In this regard, there are:

  • omnivorous raw foods – you can eat anything that has not passed culinary processing, including raw fish and meat; it is allowed to use dried products without spices, sometimes milk;
  • vegetarian raw foods – the same as in the previous paragraph, with the exception of meat and fish (eggs and milk can);
  • Fruits And Vegetables

    Fruits And Vegetables

  • syromyasoedenie – here, on the contrary, the basis of the diet consists of raw meat and fish, animal fats, eggs, but raw fruits and vegetables are minimized;
  • vegan raw foods (more stringent restrictions) – it is allowed to eat only plant food raw (neither cow’s milk nor eggs is allowed);
  • fruitarianism – eating only raw fruits, berries, and some types of vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers), which in a number of cultures belong to fruit.
  • Raw Sushi

    Raw Sushi

    In this case, the transition to raw foods is practiced with two goals: to improve your health or lose weight, or both. Raw foods for weight loss today is very common.

    Raw foods for weight loss

    Diet raw food diet is becoming increasingly popular, which is favored by the fashion for raw food diet, which is in both the United States and Russia. For raw foodists open restaurants, delivery services. Is it by chance?

    From the point of view of weight correction, the transition to this system is, of course, justified: you can lose weight on a syroedenie. Experienced raw foodists say that raw food diet and weight loss are interrelated things. In any case, recover definitely will not work. In this case, weight loss is due to a change in the number of calories consumed with food. In addition, the transition to raw foods means the rejection of harmful products such as fast food, chips and others containing preservatives and dyes.

    Raw Food Sweets

    Raw Food Sweets

    But whether raw foods are harmful to health? This will be discussed below.

    Harm and benefits of raw food

    Let’s start with the pros. What is the use of raw food?

    Adherents of syroedeny argue that by adhering to this system of nutrition, you can clear the body of toxins and toxins, and even get rid of bad thoughts. Among other things, adepts of syroedenia emit a number of advantages:

  • preservation of the maximum amount of vitamins in raw food;
  • development of stronger immunity;
  • facilitate the natural process of digestion;
  • Raw Foodists

    Raw Foodists

  • healthy weight loss due to calorie reduction;
  • improvement of complexion, skin health;
  • rush of energy, lack of heaviness from eating;
  • lack of trans fats in the diet, from which, raw foodists believe, all diseases and ills; refusal of semi-finished products, food additives, flavor enhancers.
  • Harm syroedeniya also present. Cons raw food:

  • acute lack of protein in the body (muscle build-up with such a diet is very slow), protein deficiency also negatively affects the body’s defenses, i.e. the postulate of stronger immunity syroeda doubtful;
  • Avocado


  • lack of vitamins B12 and B2 (they are contained in beef liver and dairy products and are very important for proper metabolism);
  • erosion of tooth enamel, revealed during research.
  • In general, we can say that the benefits of raw food is still more than harm. And this can not but rejoice, given the large number of adherents of this power system. However, it must be recalled that even the right raw foods has contraindications.

    Raw foods: contraindications and restrictions

  • the presence of gastrointestinal diseases (acids in fresh foods irritate the gastric mucosa);
  • childhood and adolescence – the transition to vegetarianism and raw foods is recommended at the age of 25 – 30 years, when the body is already fully formed;
  • allergic to citrus fruits, nuts and other products that are present in the diet of the food-eater in large quantities;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding (raw foods during this period are not recommended).
  • It is better to refuse syroedeniya, if you feel weak, often sick or not sleep well, get annoyed over trifles, and at night you dream of a roasted pig. No violence – it only makes sense to continue the path of raw food with excellent state of health and harmony with yourself.

    Going to raw foods: how to start?

    Raw food for beginners is recommended to take smoothly.

    A smooth transition to raw foods is recommended to start like this:

  • In the first week, refuse semi-finished products and sausages, in the second week remove red meat, in the third – white, in the fourth – eggs, in the fifth – fish, in the sixth – milk and fermented milk products, in the seventh – cereals (raw foodists do not cook cereals) ;
  • every week, every day, gradually increase the share of raw food in the diet.
  • The most “convenient” periods for the beginning are autumn and summer, at this time the most fresh and inexpensive products. In addition, when the sun is shining around and the birds are singing, it is much easier to switch to a fruit and vegetable diet – in the winter, rejection of high-calorie foods is harder. And remember that raw foods is a system. Not ready – do not start, it means your time has not come yet.

    Errors of rawfoodist novices:

  • lack of fluid in the body – do not forget to drink more water;
  • overeating – it is difficult to get enough of the habit with pears and cabbage, so a person can overeat, trying to achieve the habitual fullness of the stomach (to feel light and feel fine, it’s better not to pass);
  • lack of movement – in itself, raw foods do not make your body lose weight, physical activity is required in any case. If there is celery and lying on the couch, the waist does not decrease!
  • Be happy and healthy!