Take Your Time When You Eat?

The fact that you need to chew slowly and get up from the table with a feeling of light hunger, we already know very well. But why fast food intake so much desirable?

Let’s try to figure out whether it is useful to chew for a long time.

Proper (thorough) chewing (chopping) food contributes to the release of all the necessary digestive enzymes. And vice versa – if you do not chew food long enough, it can lead to incomplete digestion.

This means that not all nutrients will be absorbed. For example, amino acids will not get to the destination – in the muscles, and this may limit the growth of muscles. To get the most out of each meal, you need to chew slowly!

Also, researchers from the Tokyo National Institute of Health and Nutrition evaluated the relationship between the rate of food intake and body mass index (BMI). About 2000 women were examined. Scientists have found that the faster the subjects ate food, the higher the BMI and, accordingly, the percentage of body fat.



The result of another study has become even more stunning. It turns out that the speed of chewing food also increases the level of glucose and insulin in the blood. Those. the less you chew, the quicker and more often you swallow, the more significant sugar jumps are observed. This provokes overeating and negatively affects the state of health in general.

Slow food intake contributes to a better increase in muscle mass and allows you to keep the percentage of subcutaneous fat lower and insulin under control. Do not rush to chew quickly, chew food thoroughly, enjoying the food!