The Best Homemade Body Scrubs – 5 Recipes

Do you want a healthy and beautiful skin, velvety, smooth, without dryness, flabbiness and cellulite? Try a homemade body scrub – 100% organic. We have prepared as many as 5 recipes!

Recipe 1. Refreshing home scrub with ginger and lemon

To do this, take ¾ cup of sea salt, a 1/3 cup of sesame oil, peel 4 lemons, ginger root, about 5 cm.

Preparation: chop the lemon peel and pieces of ginger in blender, add oil and salt, mix well and leave for a couple of days in a closed jar to infuse. A homemade body scrub with salt and ginger cleanses, moisturizes and tones the skin, effectively removes dead skin particles. Suitable for the whole body.

Recipe 2. Homemade coffee scrub

You will need coffee, which remains in the cups. Coffee must be ground, natural. Prepare a tablespoon of coffee, add a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil. Stir scrub with your hands ready!

Body Scrubs Spa

Body Scrubs Spa

Homemades coffee scrub is very effective against cellulite, well cleanses and invigorates the skin, removes toxins and wastes from the body, renews the skin. It is not recommended to use a coffee scrub from cellulite at home for obvious reasons – a very strong abrasive.

Recipe 3. Vanilla sugar scrub at home

The perfect recipe for homemade scrub for sweet teeth. To make a sugar scrub with your own hands, take half a cup of brown sugar and as much white, mix, add vanilla and a quarter cup of almond oil. Once again, mix and cook!

Body Scrubs Homemade

Body Scrubs Homemade

Recipe 4. Oatmeals scrub

Oatmeal scrub has long been known for its beneficial properties. It is used for the face and body. It is quite easy to prepare it: just mix a tablespoon of grated fresh cucumber with a tablespoon of oatmeal. Homemade oatmeal scrub is not stored, but usually prepared immediately before use.

Oatmeal heals small wounds, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, makes it more elastic, is a powerful natural antioxidant and absorbent.

Recipe 5. A polishing scrub – the fastest recipe

The fastest and easiest home scrub recipe. Mix any shower gel with white or brown sugar in the right proportions.

Coffee Body Scrubs Homemade

Coffee Body Scrubs Homemade

How to make a home scrub: general recommendations

How to make a home scrub? A very simple. Take any recipe from the proposed, to prepare a clean wide jar. Prepare all the necessary ingredients, mix, put in a jar and enjoy to use.

If you are preparing a home scrub made from natural ingredients, it is important that the jar be sealed. For example, with a screw cap. If bacteria get inside, the skin scrub will be spoiled – it will be impossible to use it.

If the cosmetic product has an unpleasant smell, do not use it. If there is irritation on the skin – too.

Before applying the scrub, the skin needs to be steamed, so that the old cells will move away, and the pores will open, then the exfoliating effect will be maximum, after that you can be massaged or wrapped. Cellulite goodbye!