What Foods Are Dangerous In Hot Weather?

The products deteriorate faster in the hot weather – you can get poisoned. What foods are dangerous in the summer, we learn right now. To avoid intoxication, wash your hands more often and always think about what you eat. And most importantly – how and from what it was cooked, and how it was stored. No “honest” seller will answer you this question. Therefore, several groups of products are suspected. Here they are.

Juices and lemonades with ice

Most often in the heat we want to drink. Even when there is no appetite at all, the hands to the sweated jar of lemonade will still be pulled. But drink with ice can be poisoned. Danger – food ice, made in obscure conditions of incomprehensible water. It is not known whether the manufacturer or seller used it – pure bottled water or ordinary tap water with rust impurities infested with microorganisms. The fact is that not all bacteria perish when frozen. If there are those who are not interested in low temperatures, they are just “waiting” for warming in order to be activated.

Buttercream Cake

What to do? Do not buy juice and soda with ice in bottling, especially in doubtful places. Prefer drinks with hermetically sealed lid. It can be natural juice or compote, mineral water, nonfat kefir. These drinks perfectly quench thirst.

Multi-component meat dishes, ready-made salads

A classic example is a burger. We have no idea how long these vegetables were sliced, and how fresh the meat is. Visually, it is impossible to estimate this, too, by smell, too far.

What is the danger? Shredded products always deteriorate sooner, especially in the heat. The meat does not like the heat . At the same time, insidious sauces such as mayonnaise and ketchup perfectly mask disrepair, and you will eat everything with pleasure, and then you will suffer from poisoning.

Try not to buy ready-made salads with mayonnaise, pasties, belyashi, shawarma, meat dishes, kebabs, pies with fish and seafood and other street food in heat. The same applies to milkshakes and smoothies. If you are on the road or walking, it is better not to risk – buy a pack of kefir, a couple of apples or a banana. And you will not get poisoning, and those extra pounds will not “stick”!


ANY dishes, generously seasoned and seasoned

As we have said, sauces and seasonings are usually masked by stale products. If the finished dish smells strongly of vinegar, pepper, garlic, curry, mayonnaise literally drips from it, it is better to send it in the trash or return it to the seller. In the cold season it is also possible to poison yourself, but less often. But in the summer spoiled food seasoned with marinade of sauces and seasonings very often. Do not take risks – do not snack with such dishes.

Desserts with cream

Eclairs, profiteroles, rings with cottage cheese, protein or butter filling, cheesecakes, desserts and pastries with cream and whipped cream – all this is also better to postpone until cool weather. In the summer such products spoil quickly. In fatty cream, butter and egg creams, bacteria multiply at cosmic speeds. In addition, sweet and fatty food gives an additional load on the body, exhausted by the heat. In general, this is in any case not the best snack. It is better to eat ice cream (in original packaging).


Sushi and steaks medium roasting

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These dishes are usually not bought on the street, but are often bought at home or eaten in restaurants. So: here it is very important that the catering establishment chosen by you works in good faith, otherwise poisoning cannot be avoided. In the summer – only the best and proven delivery services and restaurants. And still, steaks with blood are replaced by meat that is completely roasted, which has undergone full heat treatment. Again, fish, meat and all the ingredients for sushi are perishable foods. The temperature or cooking technology is slightly disturbed, and the guest may suffer.

If you go to a restaurant in the summer, please go to a good restaurant.