What Is The Most Useful Fish?

Scientists have called fatty fish the most valuable for the body and made a rating of its usefulness. The list includes seafood, the most positive impact not only on quality but also on life expectancy. We will find out right now what kind of fish the long-livers eat.

The most useful fish

Fatty fish is recognized as the most useful, thanks to the presence of valuable Omega-3 fatty acids in the composition of this product.

Omega-3 is one of the most important substances for maintaining beauty and health, the immune, reproductive systems and brain function. Omega-3 helps to prolong the youth of the skin, strengthen the teeth and bones, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, normalizes pressure. More on the benefits of Omega-3 in this article.

Oily fish contains not only Omega-3, but also a large amount of protein, which is especially important for those who monitor their nutrition and health. Many people who live to the age of 90 have a habit of eating fatty fish throughout their lives.



What is the most useful fish? First of all, salmon. It is useful not only fresh, but also canned (provided that the manufacturer has not violated quality standards). Fresh fish is rich in Omega-3 and protein, from a tin can – phosphorus and calcium, which is found in bones. Smoked salmon is the least useful, you can not use it. Similarly, the trout.

Another fatty fish that is unique in its properties is tuna. And here the situation is reversed – it is desirable to eat it fresh, not canned. This method of preparation greatly reduces the content of omega-3 and makes the product is not so useful. In addition, the tuna fillet is composed of mercury, so they should not eat more than 3 times a week.



And what about those who can not afford tuna?

The most useful cheap fish

If salmon and tuna are considered quite expensive, there is a fish no less useful that costs a penny or can even be caught in a pond completely free.

The most useful fatty cheap fish (river and sea): carp, anchovy, herring, mackerel, sprat, sardine. Sprat and herring are the most affordable. Eat a fat fish and be healthy!