What You Should Chuck From Your Workout Wardrobe?

Improperly chosen clothes, shoes and accessories for the gym not only reduce the effectiveness of training, but also increase the risk of being injured. Let’s try to figure out what clothes to wear for training is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous.

1. Things from 100% cotton. There is nothing better than natural fabrics for everyday wear, but not for the gym. Cotton stuff absorbs moisture, and by the end of the workout you can feel yourself wrapped in a damp towel. You can get sick, and it is inconvenient to engage in – everywhere you will leave behind a wet trail. In addition, wet clothes – a favorable environment for the development of various bacteria. Wear sportswear designed specifically for workout!

Sportswear For Women

2. Jewelry. Going to a workout, forget about long earrings, chains, necklaces and other jewelry. They are confused in the hair, headphones, among themselves, interfere with concentrating on the process and can cause injury. Many athletes are removed even wedding rings. Rings affect the strength of the grip. And if you firmly squeeze your fingers with a load in your hands, you can even deform the thin metal of the ring.

3. Old sneakers. If the sole of the sneakers is worn from the inside or outside, the shoes must be replaced. Worn sneakers cease to perform stabilizing and shock-absorbing functions, and it is not safe to engage in this shoes. Especially if your choice is intensive workout with weights. How to choose new sneakers for fitness, running and other workouts, read this article.

4. Too small size of clothes. Clothing that have very small size restricts movement, interferes with normal blood circulation and is definitely not suitable for workout. For example, tight leggings can cause cramps in the legs, and narrow shorts can cause skin irritation. Before you buy, be sure to try on sports things. And do it right: try to move in the fitting room, sit down, raise your hands. Closely and uncomfortable should not be. Think first of all not about beauty, but about convenience!

5. Bra with a push up. Reinforcing elements can pierce the fabric and injure the delicate skin of the bust. Besides, they are just uncomfortable. Absolutely without a bra, it’s also categorically impossible to do – the risks of sagging breasts increase. Always give preference to sports bodices that are designed for sports activities.