Why Do You Need To Do Squats?

Talk about a squat. Why this is important, and why it is easy to do every day. So, about the benefits and simplicity of the squat.

Squatting refers to basic exercises – without it, it is difficult to imagine a training program, even for a beginner. In addition, squats are incredibly useful, and not only for the fifth point.

There are many variations – from the most elementary “home” to variants with a huge weight in conditions of extreme complexity. We will not affect professional sports and talk about squatting at home and in the gym.

The benefits of squats

Squats Legs Too Big

Even if you do not plan to set new sports records, you need to squat.

  • Developing this exercise is very useful in real life. We constantly sit down, sit down, lift weights. The body is prepared and at least a little bit trained to more easily tolerate such loads, and the risk of injury (even over the years) is minimal. Crouching, you become more flexible and agile, and this is important.
  • Performing this exercise with the correct technique, you have to put a lot of effort, and doing it regularly, you become stronger and stronger. You are prepared for other loads. Squats strengthen the abdominal muscles, the back of the thigh, the quadriceps, the back, and even the neck muscles. Therefore, squatting is a basic element of any program.
  • Squat and lose weight!

    Why do people lose weight from squats?

    If you squat a lot and correctly, muscle growth will be high quality and fast. Why is it important? A man with developed muscles spends more calories when doing exercises and in everyday life. Even at rest and during sleep, a muscular person needs more calories to maintain life than asthenics.

    Squatting With Weights

    Why not give up on squats?

    Even if you do not have a gym membership, do squats. It is not necessary to have on hand sports equipment or equipment. You can do the exercise at home in front of the TV (at first, in front of the mirror to work out the technique). Enough free space and a little time for yourself.

    You can squat at home, at work and even on the street. Today, no one is surprised by this: we are constantly watching the pull-ups on the uneven bars and yard football.

    It is better, of course, to squat with a barbell, but if there is none, dumbbells or other weighting agents will do. Anyway, the lack of a barbell is not a reason to abandon the exercise.

    Professional coaches say that if a person cannot properly do a squat even 2-3 times, serious work is required on his form. Be sure to learn this useful and important exercise, if you want to become strong and enduring.